Outlander Season 7 has been confirmed by Starz

Cast group photo for Season 5 of Starz's Outlander
Cast group photo for Season 5 of Outlander. Pic credit: Starz

Currently, Season 6 of Starz’s Outlander is being filmed. However, that doesn’t stop fans looking forward to finding out if Season 7 will eventuate or not.

Already, there has been a minor announcement by Outlander’s showrunner Ron Moore. When asked, he said that not only was it promising that Season 7 would go ahead, but also that an official announcement would arrive shortly.

And now, that day has come.

Starz releases video confirmation of Season 7 of Outlander

Starz released a clip via their official Instagram page as well as their YouTube channel, which runs for nearly a minute and a half, and teased fans at the start by getting the stars of Outlander to read out multiple queries from fans about the renewal of Starz’s hit historical drama series.

However, finally, Sam Heughan (who plays Jamie Fraser) made the announcement that everyone has been desperate to hear. So, yes, Outlander will return for a seventh season.

Richard Rankin (Roger Mackenzie Wakefield) also confirmed this.

Then, Sophie Skelton (Brianna Fraser) and Caitriona Balfe (Claire Fraser), went ahead and thanked the fans profusely for making the TV series such a hit.

Christina Davis, who is the president of original programming for Starz, also released the following statement via Variety regarding the confirmation of Season 7.

“Starz is committed to investing in unapologetic, bold premium storytelling that amplifies diverse voices and shines a spotlight on women in front of and behind the camera through our #TakeTheLead initiative. The hit series Outlander embodies everything about our initiative including a powerful female lead character and an amazing team of storytellers. We look forward to following the adventures of Claire and Jamie in America during the Revolution as well as more time travel during this next season.”

And, of course, there was likely very little doubt by the network that Outlander would be renewed.

In addition to it having a massive — and dedicated — fanbase, Season 5 is widely believed to have been the most-watched season so far, according to Fansided. While this didn’t initially show up on the standard live Nielsen ratings, things were substantially improved in watch-through later on and via the Starz app.

Season 6 of Outlander is currently in production

While this is exciting news, the production of Season 7 is likely to be a far way off yet. This is because the network is currently filming Season 6.

Already, there have been delays thanks to the global coronavirus pandemic. In addition, Heughan has also stated that the weather was not initially on their side while production got underway in Scotland.

Season 6 of Outlander will air on the Starz network at a later date.

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