Outlander recap: A siege turns into the worst road trip and a cliffhanger

Sam Heughan as Jamie and Caitriona Balfe as his wife, Claire Fraser, as seen in Episode 8 of Starz's Outlander Season 6
Sam Heughan as Jamie and Caitriona Balfe as his wife, Claire Fraser, as seen in Episode 8 of Outlander Season 6. Pic credit: Starz

Last week’s episode of Outlander saw Richard Brown (Chris Larkin) turning up at the doorstep of Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire’s (Caitriona Balfe) house and demanding to take Claire into custody.

The reason for this is that Claire is suspected of murdering Malva Christie (Jessica Reynolds). However, viewers are not convinced this is the case.

Regardless, Richard’s group, the Committee of Safety, is still there when Outlander returns for the Season 6 finale.

A siege on the Ridge

Episode 8, titled I Am Not Alone, opens with Richard demanding Claire’s arrest, but Jamie will have none of that. After all, he suspects the man is only there to kill Claire in retaliation for the death of Richard’s brother, Lionel (Ned Dennehy).

A shootout ensues as Lizzie (Caitlin O’Ryan) and Mrs. Bug (Sarah Collier) rush off for help.

Eventually, though, Richard draws a white handkerchief and tries to talk things through, insisting that he’s only taking Claire to Salisbury, where her case will be heard.

Jamie will have none of that bulls**t, and the pair bunker down for the long haul.

Jamie and Claire wonder if the house will burn

While the pair wait inside their home, Jamie mentions that Richard might eventually try to burn them out. And, if you’re anything like me, this sent an instant chill down my spine.

After all, that obituary floating around says Jamie and Claire die in their home after it was burned down.

They discuss the possibility, but the dates are wildly out.

The fisherfolk arrive

Eventually, the fisherfolk arrive, and things look set to move once more. Hiram Crombie (Antony Byrne) speaks on their behalf, and Jamie is relieved at the man’s arrival as he thinks it will lessen the chance of them being burned alive.

However, with the chants to the effect of, “Witch, witch, you’re a witch,” I disagree.

However, some good comes out of it, and there is talk of Jamie accompanying Claire to Salisbury.

Then, a bunch of Ardsmuir men also turn up, and Tom Christie (Mark Lewis Jones), surprisingly, suggests that Claire needs a just trial and agrees to travel with them because he doesn’t trust Richard either.

Tom, who looks like absolute s**t, makes Richard wait until the morning before they embark on the world’s worst road trip.

In true Outlander style, the pair decide some old-fashioned shagging might help them rest better on their last night in the big house.

Claire and Jamie go on the worst road trip

The slow trek to Salisbury commences in the morning. However, they have to make a much longer journey to Wilmington thanks to the political unrest.

This will blow out the journey by some 200 miles, so Richard’s men are starting to get super p***ed. As Jamie points out to Claire, they were likely expecting a hanging and some looting back at the Ridge, not all this rigmarole.

Also, Jamie notices that Tom is keeping a particularly close eye on Claire, and that has to be something, right? Unfortunately, viewers will have to wait until Season 7 to learn more about that.

Young Ian is watching

While stopping for a toilet break, Young Ian (John Bell) interrupts Jamie, and they have a discreet conversation while no one is looking as to what to do next.

In true Young Ian style, he wants to attack right away since he obviously has an army with him. However, Jamie is more measured and tells him to hold off a while and stay close by.

Jamie and Claire are separated

Just when it seemed like Jamie and Claire might make it to Wilmington in one piece, the pair are separated. Jamie is knocked out and hauled away, and a screaming Claire is forced to continue her journey to Wilmington, not knowing if Jamie is alive or dead.

Tom assures her that Jamie is just fine but who even knows? How can he even tell since he is determined to stay with Claire at any cost, which is pretty strange considering Claire is supposedly the one who killed his daughter…

Finally, they arrive at their destination, and even though the town looks a bit banged up with all the ongoing upset regarding the English, Claire is put into a cell.

Jamie looks set to return to Scotland

For those wondering what happened to Jamie, you can breathe a sigh of relief as Episode 8 reveals his fate.

He wakes up tied to a pole and is told that he is about to get on a ship bound for Scotland, never to see Claire again.

Luckily, Young Ian chooses this exact time to attack with his Indian friends, and they quickly dispatch the group and rescue Jamie.

Ian also knows where Claire is, and they all head off to rescue her.

However, what happens next remains to be seen, and fans have a long wait until the Season 7 premiere of Outlander, as filming of the new season has only just begun.

Alternatively, this previous Monsters and Critics article will give viewers an insight into what happens in the book series regarding Claire’s arrest. And Malva’s killer? Well, there’s an article for that too.

As for what else happened in this episode? Oh, just a wee confirmation that little Jemmy (Andrew and Matthew Adair) is truly Roger’s (Richard Rankin) son.

This comes by way of a strange — and hereditary — mark called a nevus discovered on Jemmy’s head after they cut off his hair thanks to a lice infestation. Roger celebrates by having his flowing locks cut off as well.

Of course, all of them are so happy as they travel to Edenton, and we all know this is going to crap once they get news of what has happened to Brianna’s (Sophie Skelton) parents when Outlander returns.

Outlander has been renewed for Season 7, but, as yet, no premiere date has been released by Starz.

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