Outlander: New Season 6 clip hints at serious trouble ahead for Fergus and Marsali

Cesar Domboy as Fergus and Lauren Lyle as Marsali, as seen in Starz's Outlander
Cesar Domboy as Fergus and Lauren Lyle as Marsali, as seen in Outlander. Pic credit: Starz

Starz’s Outlander mostly focuses on the steamy relationship between the main characters Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan) and his wife, Claire (Caitriona Balfe). When not centered around them, often viewers get to have a closer look at Brianna (Sophie Skelton) and Roger’s (Richard Rankin) relationship.

However, a new clip draws attention to another couple.

Jamie and Claire’s adoptive son, Fergus Fraser (César Domboy), married Marsali (Lauren Lyle) and things have been pretty great for the couple.

But, according to the latest teaser, trouble is brewing between the pair when Outlander returns on March 6.

New Season 6 teaser features Marsali and Fergus

The new clip, which was shared to Starz’s official Twitter account for Outlander, shows Marsali being questioned by Claire about a large bruise on her arm.

“Marsali, I have to ask,” Claire says. “Where did those bruises come from? Did Fergus hurt you”

It comes as a great surprise to viewers that Fergus would do such a thing as he has never displayed any sort of violence like this toward Marsali in the past.

However, Marsali’s next words confirm it for fans.

“He’s taken a notion that he should’ve been there to defend us,” Marsali replies.

A shot of Fergus is then shown as he apologizes for being “such a disappointment.”

He then walks away and the shot pans out to show Marsali looking away from him, indicating a possible separation for the pair.

So, what happened to cause such a rift?

Here’s what happened in Season 5 of Outlander

For those that are wondering why Fergus is feeling he has let Marsali down, this likely has to do with Clare’s kidnapping in Season 5 of Outlander.

Lionel Brown (Ned Dennehey) kidnapped Claire and what ensued was a horrendous attack on Claire by his group. Claire was rescued but, obviously, she was traumatized by the event.

Later, Lionel turned up injured and, as TV Line points out, Marsali had to attend to him because Claire was unable to deal with her abductor. During her care, Lionel then threatened Marsali.

Marsali responded by brewing some hemlock and injecting it into Lionel, which resulted in his death.

Likely, Fergus is talking about this entire situation and the lack of protection he probably felt because of what happened to both his wife and his adoptive mother. However, this certainly doesn’t condone his behavior towards his wife and this is shown at the end of the clip when Fergus leaves.

Of course, viewers will just have to wait until March in order to find out exactly how this storyline unfolds when Outlander returns for Season 6.

Season 6 of Outlander will premiere March 6, 2022 on Starz.

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