Oprah Winfrey quickly defends Drew Barrymore over ‘cringey’ moment

Oprah WInfrey and Drew Barrymore at separate events.
Oprah Winfrey comes to Drew Barrymore’s defense over awkward moment. Pic credit: ©

Drew Barrymore has had her talk show, The Drew Barrymore Show, since it launched in the fall of 2020.

Drew Barrymore was under fire during the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes when she announced that her show would resume filming.

She quickly recanted that decision after the immense backlash she got over the idea.

After clarifying that she owns “this choice,” she also said that any filming they would do would comply with the strike rules.

That went over like a lead balloon, and Drew quickly issued a statement that said she had heard what people said and would continue to pause her show until the strike ended.

Now that the strike was over and she started filming again, she had Oprah Winfrey on her show. Oprah is most recently known for her interview with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Drew Barrymore gets very touchy with Oprah Winfrey, and it got noticed on social media

When Drew sat for her interview with Oprah Winfrey, she held Oprah’s hand and caressed her arm while the ladies spoke.

Drew told Oprah while holding her hand, “I could tell at the time that you had so much wisdom.” Drew spoke of an interview Oprah did with Drew when she was 14.

Drew continued to hold Oprah’s hand and then moved on, stroking her arm.

A clip of the ladies’ exchange was posted on The Drew Barrymore Show’s Instagram account.

Fans started to call her out, and Page Six called Drew’s behavior “cringey.”

One fan. @daniella3183 spelled out their feelings clearly by saying, “Drew, everyone doesn’t want their hands held boo.”

Another, @loubicorn, said that Oprah’s body language “was so clear she wanted her hand back.”

And a third, @packofwildcorndogs, said, “I wish drew would stop touching people. It was like this with Dolly too.”

Fans of The Drew Barrymore Show post on Instagram.
Fans of Drew Barrymore post on Instagram. Pic credit: @daniella3183/@loubicorn/@packofwildcorndogs/Instagram

Except that the person at the center of this attention did not seem to have a problem with it.

Oprah Winfrey comes to Drew Barrymore’s defense

Oprah spoke to TMZ about the incident. A reporter asked her if she was uncomfortable, and she replied, “Not a bit!”

She told her long-time boyfriend, Steadman Graham, that he needed to stroke her arm.

Oprah was not upset at all over Drew’s behavior on the show. Instead, Oprah called it “comforting, so comforting.” Drew has a loving, comforting personality, and she loves Oprah.

Drew brought out a blanket from the segment that Oprah had given her and said she uses it every night and that Oprah “envelopes her” each night when she uses it. It is her most prized possession, Drew went on to say.

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