One Chicago stars have been featured in Marvel movies

Jason Beghe stars as Hank Voight on the Chicago P.D.
Jason Beghe continues to star as Hank Voight on the Chicago P.D. cast. Pic credit: ©

Marvel movies hire actors and actresses from all over Hollywood.

And some One Chicago stars have even appeared in those films.

Jason Beghe from Chicago P.D. was even featured in one.

Before Jason played Hank Voight on the Chicago P.D. cast, he appeared in X-Men: First Class in 2011.

Near the movie’s conclusion, as two factions of mutants begin their climactic fight, Jason is seen as the XO of a United States naval vessel.

It’s a critical scene in the film, but Jason wasn’t the only future One Chicago star to appear in X-Men.

Oliver Platt now plays Dr. Daniel Charles on the Chicago Med cast. He also had a long movie career, including appearances as Porthos in The Three Musketeers and Carl Anheuser in 2012.

But Oliver was also in X-Men: First Class, where he played someone working for the CIA.

Below is an interview where Oliver speaks about his role. And as fate would have it, a scene from the film shows the ship Jason Beghe is on as they launch missiles.

Brian Tee enter the X-Men Universe

Actor Brian Tee also appeared in an X-Men film before he joined the Chicago Med cast.

In 2013, Brian played Noburo in The Wolverine. This was a stand-alone film from 2013 featuring Hugh Jackson as the title character.

Noburo is the Minister of Justice in Japan and is also engaged to Mariko (played by Tao Okamoto). Mariko is one of the main characters and the granddaughter of someone Logan (Wolverine) saved many years prior.

Below is an interrogation scene where Logan tries to get some answers from Noburo.

Into the Spiderverse with Paula Newsome

As part of the Chicago Med cast, Paula Newsome played Caroline Charles. The character was only referenced early on, but then Paula joined the show to act opposite Oliver Platt (Dr. Daniel Charles).

Caroline died after a long health battle, but not before some poignant scenes happened.

Now, Paula stars as Maxine Roby on CSI: Vegas. Before that happened, though, she appeared in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

During the film’s first act, Peter Parker (Tom Holland) works hard to get into MIT. After his identity as Spider-Man is revealed, MIT declines him and his friends.

Peter goes to the MIT Assistant Vice Chancellor in a last-ditch effort to get them into the university. He catches up to the chancellor’s vehicle on a highway overpass but barely speaks to her in a black SUV before villains descend upon them.

Paula is featured in the clip shared below.

More news from the One Chicago shows

Fans may have to wait a while for new episodes of the shows, as the Writers Strike and a pending SAG work stoppage impacts the industry.

It looks like the new season of Chicago Fire will get postponed by NBC. That means fans won’t learn what happens with the various cliffhangers.

And two Chicago P.D. stars hung out in Rome during their long hiatus.

Chicago Med airs at 8/7c, Chicago Fire airs at 9/8c, and Chicago P.D. airs at 10/9c Wednesdays on NBC.

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