New on Netflix: Perfect Match Season 2 is a must watch this weekend

Nick Lachey at ESPN The Party
Nick Lachey is back to host Perfect Match Season 2. Pic credit: ©

Something hotter than the weather lately is dropping on Netflix for the next three weeks, and you will not want to miss it.

Netflix is releasing Season 2 of Perfect Match, and if it is anything like Season 1, things will heat up between the 22 singles looking to find love.

These singles have experience looking for love and have already been on shows such as Too Hot To Handle, Love is Blind, Dated & Related, and Surviving Paradise.

Nick Lachey is back to host Season 2 of Perfect Match and seems like the perfect choice with his experience in Season 1 and as co-host of Love is Blind and Ultimatum: Marry or Move On.

Netflix has started sharing clips of some of the challenges the contestants must complete to get to know each other and help judge their compatibility.

Netflix has captioned this clip, “The first compatibility challenge of the season starts with a bang as couples test their physical chemistry in the motion in the ocean challenge.”

Micah Lussier is back looking for love on Perfect Match

Fans of Love is Blind Season 4 may remember the name Micah Lussier. She got a mean girl reputation during that season and was ultimately jilted by Paul Peden at the altar.

After much work on herself and hefty introspection, she’s back and looking for love. A recent post on Instagram has fans sharing their passion with her and her hair extensions.

Micah captioned her post, “my extensions and I return to your screen June 7th on Netflix see ya there.”

A fan loved that Micha spoke about her extensions coming to a screen near you soon, and Micah had to respond, “A package deal.” The fan had to agree, “I get it, girl!”

Fans comment on Micah Lussier's post
A fan weighs in. Pic credit: @micah.lussier/Instagram

It looks like Micah is happy and ready to see if she can find the love of her life on Perfect Match.

Another Love is Blind alum, Izzy Zapeta, is back to try again

Love is Blind Season 5 contestant Izzy Zapeta is on Perfect Match Season 2, but fans are not happy about his looking for love.

Izzy posted on Instagram, “2 more days till Perfect Match S2. Am I gonna fanboy and fumble or find my match?”

Fans reminded Izzy she already has a girlfriend and expressed disbelief, saying, “She let you go on the show. Weird!”

Other fans were also shocked, calling it “stupid” because he still has a girlfriend, and another fan wanted to make sure they did not mix it up, saying that he did indeed have a girlfriend.

Fans of Izzy Zapata call him out because he has a girlfriend
More fans weigh in. Pic credit: @izzyzapata_/Instagram

Entertainment Tonight quoted Izzy speaking about his girlfriend, Shelby Webb, saying, “It all started with a cooking class…” It remains to be seen if he is still dating or on a break. But he is looking for love on the Perfect Match.

Tune in to see Micah, Izzy, and 20 others looking for love this weekend.

Perfect Match Season 2 will air episodes 1-6 on Friday, June 7 on Netflix.

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