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NCIS’s 10 worst villains in history

NCIS villains
Ted Kord, Harper Dearing, and Aris as NCIS villains. Pic credit: CBS

NCIS has lived through most of its 17 seasons as a structured police procedural where the team sets out to solve a crime, find a villain, and most of the time stop a terrorist on American soil.

However, the best episodes don’t just deal with the one-shot villain of the week format.

NCIS is at its best when the team finds a bad guy so dastardly and villainous that it shakes them to the core.

Unlike many weekly procedural shows, NCIS has never been afraid to kill off a main cast member.

When that happens, the NCIS villain is often vilified by all fans who follow their favorite characters week by week and have often developed a strong connection with these heroes.

With 17 seasons of NCIS out there, the show has introduced some vile villains, and here are the 10 worst villains in NCIS history.

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