NCIS: Sydney trailer released, sparks interest

Tuuli NCIS
Tuuli Narkle plays AFP Liaison Officer Constable Evie Cooper on the NCIS: Sydney cast. Pic credit: Inside the AACTA Studio/YouTube

The first NCIS: Sydney trailer has been released.

NCIS fans can now look at what’s to come.

The news came out this week that NCIS: Sydney will air on CBS this fall.

While it’s not NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles, or NCIS: Hawai’i, the new spin-off presents fresh content for United States viewers.

Due to the show being filmed overseas, the WGA and SAG rules don’t apply.

And it will introduce a group of new characters to the NCISverse.

The NCIS: Sydney teaser trailer

Below is the full-length teaser trailer for NCIS: Sydney.

Early footage seeks to answer questions some viewers have about the new show.

Early in the video, viewers learn that the United States and Australia are working together on a big case.

And it appears like a branch of NCIS will begin work in Sydney.

As would be expected, the characters aren’t all on the same page at first, but the trailer makes it look like they grow to enjoy working together.

Though not stated, this also opens the door for future guest spots.

People who have appeared on NCIS or its various spin-offs could go to Sydney for an episode or two if the show does well in the ratings.

As a reminder, the first episode of NCIS: Sydney arrives on CBS on Monday, November 13.

Breaking down the trailer and the cast

The trailer brings home the fact that there are two main characters and a host of supporting characters.

Olivia Swann plays NCIS Special Agent Michelle Mackey, and Todd Lasance stars as Sergeant Jim “JD” Dempsey.

The duo takes center stage in the trailer above, with Agent Mackey trying to bring help from the United States and Dempsey insistent that it is his harbor they are trying to protect.

Other primary members of the NCIS: Sydney cast also appear in the trailer.

Sean Sagar plays NCIS Special Agent DeShawn Jackson; Mavournee Hazel plays AFP Forensic Scientist Bluebird “Blue” Gleeson; Tuuli Narkle plays AFP Liaison Officer Constable Evie Cooper; and William McInnes plays AFP Forensic Pathologist Dr. Roy Penrose.

In the video below, actress Tuuli Narkle speaks about being nominated for big awards lately. She could be a treat on the new show.

NCIS postponed indefinitely, opening a door for NCIS: Sydney

NCIS Season 21 has been further delayed. No new episodes will arrive on CBS soon.

This has opened the door for NCIS: Sydney to grab an audience. Hopefully, the United States viewers will give it a shot.

NCIS: Sydney debuts November 13 on CBS.

All episodes of NCIS are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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Mary Petro
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