NCIS: Some great holiday episodes can be streamed by NCIS fans

NCIS DiNozzo
Michael Weatherly as NCIS Special Agent Anthony D. “Tony” DiNozzo, Jr on the show. Pic credit: CBS

NCIS has had some great holiday episodes over the years.

For a few consecutive seasons, the holiday episode seemed like a yearly event.

And on those holiday episodes, there were typically some great moments that would take place between members of the NCIS cast.

Even years after some of them first aired, it is still a treat for NCIS fans to go back and re-watch some of them.

Some great NCIS holiday episodes

Below is a list of some great NCIS episodes that have aired during previous seasons. Each one has something good to present to fans of the show.

This list, in particular, was shared by the people at NCIS as a way to “get in the spirit” for the holiday season.

A big bonus about these episodes is that they all showcase past NCIS characters that fans of the show have come to miss a lot over the years. And now that Mark Harmon (Gibbs) is no longer a full-time past of the NCIS cast, the episodes hold even more meaning.

  • Season 6, Episode 11: Silent Night
  • Season 7, Episode 10: Faith
  • Season 8, Episode 10: False Witness
  • Season 10, Episode 10: You Better Watch Out
  • Season 17, Episode 10: The North Pole

More to come from NCIS Season 19

On the last new episode of NCIS, the team had to deal with the hologram left behind by a murder victim. It led to some interesting moments on the show, including one where we learned that Kasie had created a hologram of her hamster.

And here is the synopsis for NCIS Season 19, Episode 10, providing a chance to look ahead at what will take place during the winter premiere episode.

It’s also important to point out that there have been some big rumors of Wilmer Valderrama leaving the show at the end of Season 19. He plays NCIS Agent Nick Torres on the show and has been a very important member of the cast since Michael Weatherly departed.

The upcoming winter premiere serves as NCIS Season 19, Episode 10, and it airs for the first time on Monday, January 3. The show returns to Monday nights for the rest of the current season, with new episodes of NCIS: Hawai’i slated to follow in the 10/9c timeslot.

During the extended winter hiatus, there is also a lot of extra time for NCIS fans to try out the new spin-off based in Hawai’i. Episodes from the first season are currently available for streaming.

NCIS airs Mondays at 9/8c on CBS.

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