NCIS rumors: Michael Weatherly shares video of him taking down Gibbs on show, fans ask if he is coming back

Tony DiNozzo On NCIS
The character of Tony DiNozzo is still alive within the world of NCIS. Pic credit: CBS

NCIS rumors about Michael Weatherly possibly returning to the show have popped up again due to a new video that he shared online.

The video, which shows him watching an older episode of NCIS, has drawn a lot of attention from fans of the show, many of which are asking if he is going to return.

For years, Weatherly played Special Agent Tony DiNozzo, and in the clip he is watching, DiNozzo takes down Gibbs in a flashback scene that helped flesh out both primary characters.

Since Bull got canceled — that was Weatherly’s show after he left NCIS and it is currently wrapping up its final season — Weatherly has referenced NCIS several times on social media, sparking intrigue each time.

Michael Weatherly shares NCIS clip with the fans

“When you’re sitting in a hotel #killingtime and a #ncis rerun pops up on cable,” Weatherly wrote in a Twitter post of him watching a classic NCIS episode.

NCIS fans ask if Weatherly will return to the show

It’s very clear that a lot of NCIS fans would like to see Michael Weatherly play Tony DiNozzo again, even if it is just for a few episodes of the show. Below, some of those fans ask him to let them know what the future might hold.

“Miss you as Tony. Please tell me that you are coming back to NCIS soon? Perhaps the one in Sydney coming soon? I just wanted one scene where we see Tony reunion with Ziva and their daughter. We didn’t get it last time,” wrote an NCIS fan.

NCIS Fan To Weatherly
An NCIS fan wants to know if Weatherly is coming back. Pic credit: @rgrjkim/Twitter

“Hi there Mike it’s great to see you again so well I was just wondering if there is yet another chance to get to see another series of Bull by any chance of course ur not allowed to mention anything about it but maybe just a hint as to what is coming up?” wrote another NCIS fan

NCIS Fan 2 To Weatherly
Another NCIS fan messages Weatherly. Pic credit: @sazzypants17098/Twitter

More news from NCIS

While we don’t know what the future holds with NCIS in regard to Michael Weatherly returning, there is still a lot going on with the show in Season 19.

On the latest episode, we got to meet Victoria Palmer. After the episode, Brian Dietzen explained why she was aged-up for the show. They did a good job with the casting and Victoria has been a wonderful addition.

And on the next new episode of the show, the daughter of Director Vance begins her new job. It should be very interesting to see how it all works out and if actress Naomi Grace shines.

NCIS airs Mondays at 9/8c on CBS.

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