NCIS: Origins cast adds Big Sky alum to the show

Kyle Schmid Smiling On Red Carpet
Kyle Schmid is now part of the NCIS: Origins cast. Pic credit: ©

The NCIS: Origins cast has revealed another main character.

Big Sky alum Kyle Schmid has received the call to play a young Mike Franks on the new NCIS drama.

For any CBS viewers who haven’t heard about NCIS: Origins, it will serve as a prequel show to NCIS.

The series is set in 1991, following younger versions of Mike Franks and Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

Mark Harmon isn’t playing Gibbs this time but will serve as a narrator and executive producer. The series will debut in the fall of 2024 on CBS.

Many NCIS fans thought that Mark Harmon’s son Sean could play a younger Gibbs since he had done it before on NCIS, but the show is going in a new direction.

The NCIS: Origins cast reveals its young Mike Franks

Actor Kyle Schmid has been in the business for a while, appearing in various films and television series during his career.

The Toronto-born actor was recently seen on an episode of Accused (playing Shaggy) and an episode of The Rookie (Noah Foster).

In 2021, Kyle played John Wayne Kleinsasser in five Big Sky episodes. He was also featured as Alex Caudler on Six for The History Channel, on BBC America’s Copper, and in the David Cronenberg film A History of Violence.

Now, Kyle is tasked with playing the best friend of Leroy Jethro Gibbs, and his on-screen chemistry with the actor playing that part could be crucial to the series.

In a new Instagram post, Kyle celebrated landing the role and received much support from his friends and followers.

“I’m absolutely thrilled for this. Cannot wait to bring this story to life and grateful to Muse Watson for crafting such a dynamic character. Truly wonderful writing and talented cast. Blown away,” Kyle wrote.

More news about the NCIS: Origins cast

Austin Stowell will star as Gibbs on NCIS: Origins. Austin appeared in 17 episodes of The Secret Life of the American Teenager as Jesse, but now he has to help carry a show.

NCIS: Origins also revealed its leading lady, giving the prequel show a fresh face to help play opposite the Gibbs and Franks characters.

Below is a brief clip of The Hating Game. it is a film that Austin Stowell starred in with Lucy Hale from Pretty Little Liars.

Previous episodes from NCIS and its spin-offs are available for streaming on Paramount+. That includes the first season of NCIS: Sydney.

CBS also announced that NCIS: Sydney has been renewed, giving the Australian-filmed spin-off series more new episodes.

NCIS: Origins debuts in the fall of 2024 on CBS.

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Ruth Gallick
Ruth Gallick
26 days ago

Please bring back Al the original NCIS’s and the cast members please

24 days ago

We hate that the new NCIS series with Tony and Ziva will be on Paramount which we don’t intend to get. Will CBS reconsider putting it on regular TV or Peacock which we already have?