NCIS: New Orleans spoilers — CBS reveals return date, fall finale details

NCIS: NOLA cast during Season 6 of the hit show. Pic credit: CBS

NCIS: New Orleans spoilers have been revealed by CBS ahead of the fall finale. Before reading about it, make sure to view the new episode called Convicted from Tuesday night. It will play an important part when the show returns.

There is now a central story arc to Season 6 of the show and it surrounds the death of Christopher Lasalle (played by Lucas Black). The NCIS team arrested Eddie Barrett (Eddie Cahill) for his death, but problems arise.

During Episode 9 from November 26, the case takes another interesting turn, forcing the NCIS characters to really test their skills on the job. For viewers who have finished watching that episode, it is pretty obvious that the story hasn’t been wrapped up yet.

NCIS: New Orleans return date

Following the November 26 episode, the show is taking a short break on CBS. The network is going to rebroadcast two older episodes to take viewers into the month of December.

The official NCIS: New Orleans return date is Tuesday, December 17, when the NOLA team has to deal with Eddie Barrett again. As this is the fall finale, viewers should also anticipate that there will either be a significant resolution or a big cliffhanger to think about over the winter.

Dealing with Lasalle’s death and trying to make sure the people responsible for it pay a price will raise the level of drama and bring out a lot of emotions from the rest of the NCIS: NOLA characters.

The absence of a team member is also going to create a void on the cast that will soon be filled by the producers and writers. While it won’t be the same without Lucas Black on the program, the show must go on.

NCIS: New Orleans leaves Tuesday nights

The December 17 episode will be the last time that CBS viewers get to see new installments of the show on Tuesday nights. The show will be taking a break over the winter and return in 2020 on a new night. A lot of fans have already expressed frustrations with the upcoming move, but at least Tuesday night will go out with a bang.

NCIS: New Orleans airs Tuesday nights at 10/9c on CBS.

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