NCIS: New Orleans recap — Sebastian gets to show Pride what he can do

Actor Scott Bakula and the NCIS: New Orleans cast returned with a new episode. Pic credit: CBS

This NCIS: New Orleans recap is from the winter premiere that aired on February 16. It marked the first new Sunday night episode for the show since it was moved there by CBS.

The show returned with a bang, as a tense situation unfolded between a group of white nationalists preparing to kill someone who had talked too much. Suddenly, Sebastian emerged from a cabin, requesting the opportunity to do it himself.

Sebastian — who was revealed to be undercover — staged the death of the man to make it seem like he was one of the group. It was an interesting way to reveal that Sebastian is going to be expanding his role on the NCIS team.

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When Pride and Hannah interviewed the man that Sebastian had saved, viewers learned that this group had murdered a Navy mechanic and that was why Sebastian was undercover there.

Pride was also having nightmares again, where he was seeing people he couldn’t remember or place. That certainly served as foreshadowing about what would be coming later in the episode.

Jim Keene — played by actor Brian Letscher — was the head of the criminal group and he enlisted Sebastian to get rid of another body after he heard about the skill set he possessed (his undercover backstory included CSI experience).

Below is what Sebastian (played by Rob Kerkovich) looked like undercover:

Sebastian did dispose of the body, but he did it in a way that would make sure it got back to Doctor Loretta Wade, who was able to add another piece to the puzzle that the case had presented.

When the NCIS team started closing in on what was taking place, they got there a little too early, as Sebastian had figured out that an attack was going to happen, but he didn’t know where. As he was explaining that to Pride, someone from the group started approaching, and Pride instructed Sebastian to hit him to help maintain the cover.

Sebastian hit him pretty hard, leading to an orbital fracture. When Pride was being examined by Loretta, he had another hallucination/flashback that he kept from her.

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The crux of the episode was that these guys wanted to make a huge statement by killing a large group of people. Sebastian was placed as a sniper for the antagonists, which ended up helping him find a way to cause problems with their plan. That included taking out one of them from his perch.

The team put a stop to the plan, thanks largely to the work that Sebastian was able to do, but it was Pride and Hannah who brought an end to the lead bad guy.

At the end of the episode, Pride was seeing more intense images of the man in his mind, this time covered in blood. Was he suffering amnesia from an event? Patton was trying to help investigate it based on a sketch that Pride gave him, but upon seeing more visuals, Pride lashed out and told Patton to stop helping. He likely won’t stop.

Right before everything went to black, though, Sebastian read a letter stating that he had qualified to join the NCIS SWAT Team. Will he take the job? We will all find out later on down the road.

Changes are coming for NCIS: New Orleans

The death of Christopher Lasalle initiated some changes in the show. Without Lucas Black as one of the main characters, it meant that roles needed to be shifted (like with Sebastian), but also that someone else could/should be added to the team. We won’t spoil how that will take place. Yet.

The first new episode on a Sunday night also followed a new installment of NCIS: Los Angeles. This is where the show will reside for the rest of Season 6 and it’s easy to guess that crossovers are in the near future.

NCIS: New Orleans airs Sunday nights at 10/9c on CBS.

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