How did Christopher die on NCIS: New Orleans when Lucas Black left?

Pride And Lasalle
Scott Bakula as Pride and Lucas Black as Lasalle were a great duo on NCIS: New Orleans cast. Pic credit: CBS

Christopher Lasalle died on NCIS: New Orleans this season. It meant actor Lucas Black also left the cast, which came as a huge shock to fans of the show.

Looking back, it may have been easy to predict that Christopher would die on NCIS: New Orleans, especially when it became public knowledge that actor Lucas Black might be leaving the program.

Still, it didn’t hide the impact that was felt when the final episode for the actor and his character aired on CBS. It also ended up being one of the final Tuesday night episodes for the show itself.

How did Christopher die on NCIS: New Orleans?

During Season 6, Episode 6 of the show (called Matthew 5:9), NCIS Special Agent Christopher Lasalle was carrying out an investigation that somehow linked to the murder of his brother.

As he was starting to put the pieces together in the case, it led him to a cabin where it turned out that someone was waiting to spring an attack.

When a gunman entered the cabin where Agent Lasalle was investigating with a woman that had led him there, he lunged toward the attacker, only to be shot.

Lasalle was taken to the hospital, where the doctors tried to save him to no avail. The character died in the hospital, and a revenge tour began against Eddie Barrett that didn’t conclude until the fall finale.

Why did Lucas Black leave NCIS: New Orleans?

It turned out that Black wanted to spend more time with his family and that the grueling schedule of filming a full-time television show was just too much for him. He asked to leave the show, and the writers created a heroic ending for the character.

The death of Agent Christopher Lasalle hit viewers hard, and there continue to be people posting to social media about how much they miss him on the show.

Below are some of those recent social media posts from fans:

New episodes of NCIS: New Orleans

The first new episode of the show (since the fall finale) airs Sunday, February 16, on CBS. The network moved the show to a new night, where it will follow new episodes of NCIS: Los Angeles each weekend.

This is a good chance for the network to have crossover episodes, but it was a move intended to clear the late time slot on Tuesday nights for FBI: Most Wanted. The FBI spin-off has already done well for CBS.

Hopefully, fans of NCIS: NOLA will follow the show to Sunday nights, especially as Season 6 continues this winter and spring.

NCIS: New Orleans airs Sunday nights at 10/9c on CBS.

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