NCIS: Los Angeles star Daniela Ruah returns to NCIS Universe

Daniela Ruah NCIS LA Photo
Daniela Ruah played Agent Kensi Blye on NCIS: LA. Pic credit: Kevin Lynch/ CBS

Daniela Ruah has returned to the NCIS Universe.

She has some free time after NCIS: Los Angeles got canceled, and now she will showcase her other talents.

Daniela played one of the main characters on NCIS: LA, starring as Agent Kensi Blye for the entire series.

Kensi was integral to the Los Angeles team, eventually settling down with partner and husband, Marty Deeks.

Kensi and Deeks got a happy ending on NCIS: LA, as she found out she was pregnant in the series finale.

It could be fun to see the NCIS couple appear together again in some fashion, but that’s not why Daniela has returned to the NCIS Universe this time.

Daniela Ruah steps behind the camera on NCIS

Daniela has been tasked with directing an episode each of NCIS and NCIS: Hawai’i.

This comes after working on NCIS: LA for 14 seasons and directing several episodes of the spin-off.

Daniela will direct a Season 21 episode of NCIS this month, with CBS planning to air it in March.

Daniela will also direct a Season 3 episode of NCIS: Hawai’i in February, with plans for CBS to air it in April.

“Kensi was born as a character on NCIS, 15 years ago, so now to be able to step onto that set again, as a director, with that incredible cast and crew, is an absolute honor,” Daniela told Deadline.

“So many familiar faces and people I love and they’ve welcomed me with open arms. It’s like coming home,” Daniela added.

The previous episodes of NCIS: Los Angeles, directed by Daniela, were quite good, hinting that she will do well on NCIS and NCIS: Hawai’i.

“Here we go again! So excited to be directing an episode of #NCIS and #NCISHawaii this year! Stay tuned…,” Daniela wrote in an Instagram post.

More news from the NCIS Universe

CBS has ordered a new NCIS show for the 2024-2025 television season.

Gibbs returns to the NCIS Universe in this new show. Mark Harmon and his son, Sean Harmon, are working on the production side.

The new NCIS prequel show will debut in the fall of 2024, possibly giving CBS three NCIS shows to air on the same night.

A new NCIS cast photo was released for the parent show, leading to some negative comments from frustrated fans who have become worn out with the casting changes from recent years.

As a reminder, NCIS Season 21 and NCIS: Hawai’i Season 3 debut on Monday, February 12.

NCIS: Los Angeles is streaming on Paramount+.

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