NCIS: Los Angeles spoilers reveal a new guest star from NCIS

Doctor On NCIS
Scottie Thompson as Dr. Jeanne Benoit on NCIS cast. Pic credit: CBS

NCIS: Los Angeles spoilers about Season 11 now includes an interesting guest-starring appearance. An actress who played a familiar character on NCIS is going to join the NCIS: Los Angeles cast. But there is a twist.

Actress Scottie Thompson played Dr. Jeanne Benoit on NCIS for 18 episodes. Those episodes were spread out over quite a few seasons, with the doctor being the daughter of an arm’s dealer and someone who dated Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo.

Thompson is returning to the NCIS world, but her role in the spin-off will be a different one. She isn’t returning as Dr. Jeanne Benoit, which may frustrate fans who have watched both shows over the years.

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NCIS: Los Angeles spoilers reveal new NCIS: L.A. character

Scottie Thompson will play Agent Sarah Raines of the Defense Intelligence Agency. TV Line states that she is an agent “who is working on a highly classified mission to investigate unidentified aerial phenomena sightings.”

This seems like a much different character, but hopefully, the writers and producers for NCIS: L.A. make the character look a lot different than Dr. Jeanne Benoit did on NCIS.

Will NCIS: Los Angeles fans figure out what has taken place with the casting?

Who is Scottie Thompson from NCIS?

Outside of her work on NCIS (and soon NCIS: Los Angeles), actress Scottie Thompson has been very active in Hollywood.

Her acting credits include a role on the 12 Monkeys television show, a story arc as Zoe D’Antonio on The Blacklist, and multiple episodes for shows like Grey’s Anatomy, Brotherhood, and Trauma.

The video below shows Thompson doing a segment on Entertainment Tonight with Michael Weatherly. In it, some scenes from her time on NCIS are showcased. Take a look if you can’t quite place her in the history of the show.

The New 'NCIS' Love Story Has Weird Connection to Michael Weatherly's Real Life

NCIS: Los Angeles still on hiatus

CBS took NCIS: L.A. off the schedule completely to open the month of February. The network didn’t want to air it against the Super Bowl on February 2 or against the Academy Awards on February 9. This meant that they didn’t even roll out older episodes.

According to the schedule, though, the show returns on February 16 with a new episode. It’s an important night because that also marks the debut for new episodes of NCIS: New Orleans on Sunday nights.

As for when fans will see Scottie Thompson appear on NCIS: L.A., that information hasn’t been revealed yet by CBS. We will make sure to pass it on when we learn in what episode(s) she will appear this spring.

NCIS: Los Angeles airs Sunday nights at 9/8c on CBS.

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