NCIS: Los Angeles recap: A new member of the team?

Sam And Callen NCIS LA
The NCIS: Los Angeles team was put in the crosshairs again. Pic credit: CBS

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 12, Episode 16 aired on Sunday night and it involved a group trying to steal military-grade exoskeleton suits.

The opening minutes of the episode saw that a deaf engineer, Sienna Marchione (Raquel McPeek Rodriguez), did well to almost stop them from getting away with the technology, but they downloaded a file before she could stop them.

Sienna was very good on her feet and we later learned that she had been training for years to join the military but that her deafness had kept her from being able to join. When Kensi and Deeks started investigating the case, Kensi saw something in Sienna, and she invited her to help with the case.

Nell was not happy that Kensi had invited a non-approved person to help with a sensitive case, but it was only because Nell was trying to follow company policy. Admiral Kilbride happened to also be in the office due to concerns the Secretary of Defense had expressed about the stolen tech, and he said that Sienna could continue assisting due to impressive instincts she had already shown.

More tidbits from NCIS: Los Angeles episode, Signs of Change

A lot of the episode was spent with Kilbride advising Nell about how she needed to really stop asking what Hetty would do in situations, and that she needed to start standing up for herself and her decisions. It was some important foreshadowing because she did make some key decisions without Hetty’s advice during the episode.

In another component of the episode, Sam was trying to get to Kam’s graduation, and he was trying to find a box of his medals that Hetty had been holding for safe-keeping. There were some amusing moments within the episode in that regard, but in the end, Nell secured a private jet to get Sam and Callen there in time to watch the graduation.

The private jet was to indicate that Nell did something that would have been unexpected from Hetty.

McBride noted to Nell a bit later that the Navy doesn’t always get things right while he was speaking highly of Sienna and how she had performed during the case. She had done well to figure out that one of her co-workers was involved in the theft and the team ended up solving the case. Some bad guys got away, but NCIS was on their tail due to Sienna’s work.

We may be seeing more from actress Raquel McPeek Rodriguez in the future because Kensi alluded to having plans of hanging out with Sienna a bit later.

A dramatic moment of the episode also took place when Sam was shot in the arm during a firefight, but he insisted on getting right back to work, earning him some praise from Kilbride.

Meanwhile, Kensi and Deeks had an important chat about being there for one another, no matter how their goal to have a baby progresses.

Only two NCIS: Los Angeles Season 12 episodes left

We have just two episodes left in NCIS: Los Angeles Season 12. That includes a season finale that Chris O’Donnell says will “please” fans of the show.

There are also some intriguing NCIS: LA spoilers about what will happen during the season finale for readers who are interested in jumping ahead.

NCIS: Los Angeles airs Sundays at 9/8c on CBS.

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