NCIS: Los Angeles cast includes guest stars Bill Goldberg, Jocko Willink in new episode

Jocko NCIS LA S13
Jocko Willink guest stars as Noah “Herbie” Herbert on NCIS: Los Angeles Season 13, Episode 13. Pic credit: CBS

The NCIS: Los Angeles cast is involved in a double feature of new episodes that debuts on Sunday night.

On the first episode of the night, which is called Bonafides, fans are going to see a recognizable recurring character very early in the episode, with former wrestler Bill Goldberg returning to the NCIS: LA cast.

“When DOJ Agent Lance Hamilton’s partner is killed, Sam dons his previous undercover persona of ‘Switch’ to find the culprit. Also, Kensi, Deeks, Rountree, and Kilbride work to catch an aerospace engineer who stole classified Navy schematics,” reads the synopsis for the new episode.

This is going to serve as NCIS: Los Angeles Season 13, Episode 13, and it debuts at the special time of 8/7c on Sunday, March 27. Fans need to keep that time in mind, as it is an hour earlier than the show typically airs each week.

NCIS: Los Angeles cast for Bonafides

In addition to the regular stars of the NCIS: LA cast, which includes Chris O’Donnell as Callen, LL Cool J as Sam Hanna, Daniela Ruah as Kensi Blye, and Eric Christian Olsen as Marty Deeks, there will be a lot of guest stars featured on the night.

Bill Goldberg returns as DOJ Agent Lance Hamilton, Jocko Willink plays Noah “Herbie” Herbert, Ski Carr plays Percy Vander, Cindy Dolenc plays Ryan Logue, and Christian George plays Henrik Vuksan.

We will also see Duncan Campbell as NCIS Special Agent Castor, Beckett Gunderson playing Young Callen, and Chris Mathieu playing Humphrey.

Below, in a scene that serves as a sneak peek for NCIS: Los Angeles Season 13, Episode 13, we see Jocko Willink as Noah “Herbie” Herbert, working with Rountree (Caleb Castille) and Fatima Namazi (Medalion Rahimi).

Willink is actually a retired United States Navy officer. He served in the Navy SEALs and is a former member of SEAL Team 3, so he definitely knows what he is talking about in this scene.

An exciting night for NCIS: Los Angeles fans

It is a nice treat for fans to get two new episodes of NCIS: LA on March 27, provided NCAA action doesn’t extend too far after it is supposed to end on the day. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time that CBS sports have caused an episode of the show to be delayed.

Following that first episode at 8/7c, a new episode of NCIS: LA, called Pandora’s Box, will air at 9/8c. That episode will also feature Beckett Gunderson as Young Callen, showing that fans are going to see a lot more backstory about the character with the mysterious past.

The episode called Pandora’s Box was also directed by NCIS: LA star Daniela Ruah (who plays Kensi), who did very well with a previous episode where she was behind the camera.

Past episodes of NCIS: LA Season 13 can be streamed on Paramount+. New installments of the shows from March 27 will also be available for streaming soon.

And some sneak peek clips were released for the big NCIS crossover coming up on March 28.

NCIS: Los Angeles airs Sundays at 9/8c on CBS.

All episodes of NCIS are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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