NCIS cast adds soap star Kim Matula as Agent Rose

Kim Matula on the Red Carpet
Kim Matula from The Bold and the Beautiful has joined the NCIS cast. Pic credit: © Sadou/Admedia

The NCIS writers used a familiar trope to introduce a new character on Monday night.

FBI Agent Rose began the new episode as an adversary to the NCIS team, much like how former FBI Agent Alden Parker was situated when he was first introduced.

Parker was tasked with tracking down and arresting Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon). Rose was tasked with proving the guilt of Agent Nick Torres in a murder case.

Parker eventually saw that Gibbs and how he did his job was necessary. He turned from being an adversary to becoming an integral part of NCIS.

Rose began NCIS Season 21, Episode 1, as someone at odds with the NCIS team, but by the end of the hour, she was helping them out.

In the final moments of the season premiere, Rose followed Parker to NCIS, taking on a new job for Director Vance (Rocky Carroll).

Who plays Agent Rose on the NCIS cast?

Rose applied to work in the NCIS Cyber Division, where Agent Timothy McGee (Sean Murray) had been filling in. She got fired by the FBI for seeking the truth rather than working with them to bury Torres.

Before popping up on NCIS as Agent Rose, actress Kim Matula was better known in the world of soaps.

Kim is credited with appearing in 907 The Bold and the Beautiful episodes from 2010-2016. She played Hope Logan on the long-running soap.

While she had some additional roles on television and in films before joining The Bold and the Beautiful cast, that’s where she found her footing.

Following her time in soaps, Kim played Lily in two episodes of 9-1-1: Lone Star, was featured as Ronnie in 15 episodes of LA to Vegas and appeared in the film Fighting with My Family as Jeri-Lynn.

Kim then starred in the 2022 holiday TV movie Ghosts of Christmas Always as Katherine.

Hopefully, Rose will be featured in more new episodes of NCIS, as she held her own very well with fellow tech whiz McGee. They had good banter that could be expounded upon if they worked together on future cases.

But NCIS fans who enjoyed Kim’s work on NCIS should also keep an eye out for the release of SNL 1975. Kim has been tapped to play comedy icon Jane Curtin in the production about the early days of Saturday Night Live.

More news from NCIS

Here are answers about that mysterious NCIS phone call during the season premiere. It was a memorable moment that will be addressed more in the episode on February 19.

CBS has a new prequel show called NCIS: Origins for next fall. Former NCIS star Mark Harmon is heavily involved in the project.

Sad news came through during the long hiatus about the man who played Ducky. Actor David McCallum died while the show was on hiatus, and his passing will soon be addressed.

Previous episodes of NCIS are available for streaming on Paramount+. That includes the Season 21 premiere featuring Kim Matula as Agent Rose.

NCIS airs Monday at 9/8c on CBS.

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Jo Jo
Jo Jo
2 months ago

UGH I don’t care for her at all! She acted so smug all the time.

Jo Jo
Jo Jo
2 months ago

No a fan of hers and that could make me stop watching!