Michael Strahan calls GMA ‘masterclass in television’ but other TV job is his ‘favorite thing’

michael strahan face shot from january 2024 gma episode on abc
Michael Strahan appears on Good Morning America in January 2024. Pic credit: ABC

Many professional athletes find it difficult to find other activities that replace the sport they love during their retirement.

Retired NFL star Michael Strahan moved on to other work as a television anchor, analyst, and game show host.

He’s regularly seen on ABC’s Good Morning America as a co-anchor alongside Robin Roberts and George Stephanopolous.

Viewers see Strahan on Fox NFL Sunday and other big NFL game days on Fox as an analyst with other former NFL players, including Howie Long, Terry Bradshaw, and Rob Gronkowski.

During a recent guest appearance on The Let’s Go! Podcast, Strahan’s friend Tom Brady asked him if there was anything he’s enjoyed most out of his post-football pursuits.

Strahan then revealed his “favorite thing” he’s been involved with in television following his NFL retirement.

Strahan reveals his favorite TV work since leaving the NFL

In an early part of Strahan’s appearance on Tom Brady’s podcast, the two legends of the gridiron joked about why Brady brought Strahan on.

In 2007, Brady said Strahan was ready to retire and skipped all his preseason games but decided to play another season. That ended up being one of the New York Giants’ two Super Bowl victories over Brady’s New England Patriots.

“So why did I invite you onto our podcast? That’s what I really want to know,” Brady asked.

Strahan quipped it was because Brady may have felt sorry for him having just one Super Bowl ring compared to Brady’s seven.

Their podcast conversation turned to Strahan’s career pursuits, as he’s now been retired for over 15 years and worked in various TV jobs.

“Michael, just going into your career a little bit after your playing career, you had some great job opportunities, and now that you’ve been removed from retirement for 15 years, is there anything that you’ve really enjoyed more than others?” Brady asked.

The seven-time Super Bowl winner brought up Strahan’s work with GMA and Fox, mentioning that the latter allows him to cover topics related to the sport he loves.

“You hit the nail on the head,” Strahan told Brady, adding, “Football is football, I love it. The guys are amazing; we’re family. So if I had to take one thing that is probably my favorite thing in the world, it’s where I started at Fox doing the football show.”

“I love it today just like I loved it 15 years ago. The amazing thing is I’ve never been there on a Sunday morning at 5:30 or 6:30 in the morning when we have to be there and said, ‘I don’t want to be here,'” he revealed.

“I’m gonna watch [the NFL games] anyway; I might as well watch them with my buddies and get paid for it. It’s an incredible gig,” Strahan also shared, praising the “energy” of his colleagues at Fox.

Strahan praised GMA as a ‘masterclass in television’

While Strahan may enjoy working at the Fox NFL show more because it involves his favorite sport, he also showed love for his other TV work, including GMA.

“GMA is great. I love doing GMA,” Strahan said, adding, “It’s been like a masterclass in television. I’m sitting next to Robin and George, and I’m watching how they use their strengths — George in politics and Robin in people.”

“I sit there every day…I pay attention to why they’ve been able to do it for so long and why they’ve been able to connect and try to use that to help myself,” he shared with Brady.

The 52-year-old Pro Football Hall of Famer has worked on Fox since 2008 and joined GMA full-time in 2016. Last year, he presented a news story about Tom Brady’s decision to retire from the NFL for a second time.

“Congratulations, my friend. Don’t get 20 jobs like me…Enjoy yourself a little more!” Strahan joked to Brady during GMA.

During his podcast chat with Brady, Strahan said he doesn’t feel he has a “bad job” following his retirement. He also mentioned he loves hosting The $100,000 Pyramid game show on ABC, which he’s done since 2016.

In addition to his work mentioned above, Strahan hosts the syndicated daytime talk show Live! with Kelly and Michael alongside Kelly Ripa.

Strahan’s joining the show as Regis Philbin’s replacement in 2012 led to a ratings surge and two Emmys for the hosts’ outstanding work over his four years there.

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