Melissa Peterman guest-starred as CeCe on Last Man Standing and fans want her made a regular

Melissa Peterman is the best on Last Man Standing.
Fans think Last Man Standing struck comedy gold with Melissa Peterman and Jay Leno. Pic credit: Fox

Funny woman Melissa Peterman guest-starred as CeCe on Last Man Standing and fans want her to become a regular on the Fox sitcom.

There is no question Melissa is one talented lady. Her comedic skills are off the charts. Melissa fits in perfectly with the hilariously funny Tim Allen, Jay Leno, and Nancy Travis.

Melissa first gained fans’ attention as ditzy Barbra Jean Hart on the comedy Reba, which starred Reba McEntire. However, it was her stint as boozy Bonnie Wheeler on Baby Daddy where Melissa’s crazy, over the top skills really shinned.

These days Melissa has made guest appearances on Last Man Standing and Young Sheldon. Each time she is onscreen, fans are reminded Melissa needs to be on a comedy show full-time again.

Fans want Melissa Peterman on Last Man Standing

Twitter was blowing up after Melissa’s guest stint as CeCe on Last Man Standing. Fans were expressing their excitement over adding the funny woman into the mix of an already entertaining bunch of actors and actresses.

“Please keep #MelissaPeterman on there! So funny. I “heart” it! #CECE” wrote one fan.

While another fan agreed, it was time to add her to the sitcom.

“LOVED tonight’s episode. Revolving hearts, I think Melissa Peterman should be added as a regular,” shared the fan.

Yep, Last Man Standing fans want more of the hilarious blonde. Now that CeCe and Joe (Jay Leno) went on a date, perhaps Melissa will be sticking around the sitcom.

Jay often makes guest appearances and adding Melissa as his girlfriend would elevate the sitcom.

“Gosh I love Melissa Peterman!! She cracks me up in everything I see her in, but I am especially loving her in one of my fave shows #LastManStanding right now!” said a fan.

Last Man Standing cast loves Melissa too

Fans are not the only ones who love having Melissa on Last Man Standing. One cast member took to social media to express her excitement over having the blonde beauty on the show.

Molly McCook (Mandy Baxter) used Instagram to share a photo of her with Melissa. She let her fans know that Melissa was back on the sitcom, and Molly was thrilled to have her on set.

Melissa also used social media to share how excited she was to be part of Last Mand Standing, especially when it came to sharing screen time with Jay. They really do make quite the dynamic duo.

The powers that be should listen to what fans are saying about having Melissa Peterman join Last Man Standing as a regular cast member. She is a comedy genius.

What did you think of Melissa on the Fox sitcom?

Last Man Standing airs Thursdays at 8/7c on Fox.

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