Married at First Sight honeymoons: Attitudes, insulin injections, and whatever those things were on the beach

Brandon and Taylor
Some of the Married at First Sight couples did not start their honeymoon off in happily wedded bliss. Pic credit: Lifetime

On Married at First Sight, the five couples were shown celebrating their new marriages by going on their honeymoons.

In the previous episode, the couples traveled to Panama for some time in the sun and on the beach. However, issues occurred when Michael gave Meka a sex ultimatum and Zach wasn’t attracted to Mindy. That had viewers eager to see if things ended up going better for these two couples.

Mindy confronts Zach 

The beginning of the episode showed Zach and Mindy discussing his lack of attraction to Mindy. After Zach explained something to Mindy that neither she nor the viewers quite understood, all seemed well between the couple. Later, they had some wine on the beach and there were some distracting creatures running around on the sand behind them.

Zach, in a cocky way, explained that he isn’t cocky. Somehow he said that Mindy is pretty even though he’s not attracted to her. Again, Mindy and the viewers are confused as to what he is talking about. Apparently what he said worked though, because the two seemed to get back on track. Zach even gave Mindy a kiss.

Meka and Michael talk to Pastor Cal

Meka joined the couple without her husband since they spent the night in separate rooms. When Michael showed up, the couple spoke to the other couples but not each other.

One Meka was done venting to the women, she decided to give Pastor Cal a call to get some guidance on what to do in the relationship. After Pastor Cal gave her some advice, he called Michael to get his side of the story. Michael explained that he was just curious and that this is just a case of miscommunication.

The next day, Meka and Michael sat down and discussed the delicate balance of friends and spouse. Michael told Meka that he doesn’t want to wear his wedding ring because he didn’t feel like a husband. Meka did not like that at all. At a couple’s dinner later, Meka told the group that this marriage is not good for her.

Jessica and Austin have a connection

Jessica and Austin have a couple’s massage and then a dip in the hot tub. They talked about what a great connection they have. Jessica says that this may be the start of their great love story.

Later, Jessica even ate off of Austin’s plate. Aww. Austin revealed in his confessional that they have consummated the marriage. Or in the words of Taylor, they did “the thang with the thang thang”.

Taylor and Brandon have an issue

Taylor woke Brandon up with a camera in his face. After that, he gave Taylor the silent treatment all day and then later explained that he had a panic attack. He apologized for the way he handled the situation. Taylor said that she didn’t believe that he had a panic attack and that she didn’t appreciate the silent treatment.

Brandon told Taylor that she needed to get over it. She let Brandon know that she will not be disrespected. After another apology from Brandon with him acknowledging her feelings, all seemed well with the two of them.

Brandon admitted that he likes his alone time and gets a little cranky. Maybe that’s why he’s already filed for divorce. Brandon did set up a romantic rose-filled bath for the two of them, complete with champagne.

Derek decorates for Katie’s birthday

Katie started the morning off teaching Derek how to give her insulin. Later, the couple goes back to the room, where Derek has decorated it with rose petals and candles for Katie’s birthday. Katie got her birthday sex, and the couple seems pretty happy about the consummation. Enough for Katie to share it with the group.

The honeymoons continue on the next episode and it looks like Meka and Michael repair what’s broken, while the other couples have some new drama.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays 8/7c on Lifetime.

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