Mark Consuelos’ losing streak on LIVE has him seeking comfort in odd ways

Mark Consuelos at an event.
Mark Consuelos has had a long losing streak with Stump Mark and he’s acting a bit odd. Pic credit: ©

Mark Consuelos loves his segment on LIVE with Kelly and Mark, where he tries to beat contestants with a game.

He has been on a long losing streak — his lengthiest yet. It has been around two weeks’ worth of shows since he has won.

He has taken to doing erratic things when he loses, like storming off the set, as he did when he lost against Jane Krakowski.

Now, it seems he has gotten even more unpredictable with each new loss if how he acted in Las Vegas is any indication.

Mark is very competitive with sports and this Stump Mark game. He has his photo on t-shirts and mugs and loves to win, but not everyone can win every time.

In Las Vegas, LIVE called Richelle Croyle from Irwin, Pennsylvania, and she shared two statements, one true and one a lie. Things went downhill after Mark guessed wrong.

‘I need comfort,’ Mark declares on the stage in Las Vegas

It seems that the change of venue to Las Vegas has not helped Mark with his losing streak on the Stump Mark game.

The statements were simple, “I visited three zoos last summer” and “I visited three lakes last summer.” Mark asked Richelle a few short questions and guessed she had visited the zoo.

As soon as he heard the words, “You are wrong, Mark,” he got up and started dancing to the song playing in the background.

He bopped over to the trivia dancer of the day, Ada Merkle, and started dancing with her.

The moves were unreal during the segment. Mark exclaimed to everyone, “I need a little comfort. I need comfort when I lose.”

As he danced back to his seat next to Kelly, Ada, the dancer, signed “I love you” to Mark. Kelly got the last word in and said to Ada, “If something happens to me, you all know who did it.”

Kelly and Mark shared their dance moves in Vegas

Kelly and Mark have shared much of their trip to Las Vegas on their Instagram accounts.

This latest video shows how they love to dance during commercial breaks.

The show captioned their post, “Let’s just say we have fun during the commercial breaks, too! @fontainebleaulasvegas @vegas.

Kelly and Mark have been having a grand time in Las Vegas and have been doing a great job sharing all the glitz and glamour with their fans.

LIVE with Kelly and Mark airs weekdays on ABC.

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