Mark Consuelos walked off the set of LIVE after this stunning loss

Mark Consuelos at the Teen Choice Awards
Mark Consuelos walked off the set on LIVE with Kelly and Mark after this loss. Pic credit: ©

LIVE with Kelly and Mark is slowly becoming the I Stumped Mark show in between the sports talk that seems to happen daily.

Mark Consuelos’ trivia segment is a fan favorite, and everyone loves Mark’s energy, whether he is winning or losing.

The game used to be their regular travel trivia, but when Mark joined the show permanently, it morphed into Stump Mark, and he hates losing and giving away t-shirts and mugs.

The game’s premise is simple: the contestant has two statements, one a truth and one a lie, and Mark has to guess which is which. If he guesses right, he wins. He loves winning so much that he is gleeful.

It is such a favorite amongst the fans that even guests get into the act. Last fall, Jane Krakowski stumped Mark and won an I Stumped Mark t-shirt.

Kelly Ripa announced that Jane was only back on the show to play Mark again. Mark wanted that rematch with her; he hated losing so much.

Mark walked offstage when he lost to Jane

Jane had two statements this time: “I loved the musical Rent so much that I went to see it twenty times.” The second was, “I competed in a New Jersey ice-skating competition and was invited to compete in Lake Placid.”

Since Jane was a child actor, Mark assumed she watched Rent many times and guessed that was true.

“Give me the shirt; you are wrong, Mark!” Jane cackled as she won.

Mark was so upset he stormed off the set as Kelly and Jane hugged and laughed over her win.

He came back and said, “All right, Jane.” Then he clarified with Michael Gelman that this wouldn’t count against his win/loss average for February.

Live with Kelly and Mark posted the hilarious segment on their YouTube channel.

LIVE fans loved it when Mark lost and couldn’t wait to say so

Stump Mark is such a hit with fans that they cannot wait to post on social media.

“#JaneKrakowski stumped Mark AGAIN!!!” is the caption for the post.

One fan said, “That was the best! So fun!”

Another was very happy and said, “She stumped Mark Again!”

Another fan commented on the way Mark stormed off upset. Mark certainly makes for entertaining television.

Fan of Live with Kelly and Mark loved that Mark lost today.
Fans loved that Mark Consueols lost his game. Pic credit: @livewithkellyandmark/Instagram

The game recently had a first in its long history, with a contestant having tickets for the show that day. Mark and his antics have added life to the otherwise long-running trivia segment.

LIVE with Kelly and Mark airs weekdays on ABC.

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