Mark Consuelos looks to Kelly Ripa for help during on-air blunder

Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa at an event
Mark Consuelos made a blunder and looked to Kelly for help. Pic credit: ©

Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa, long-time married couple turned workmates on the Live with Kelly and Mark show, complete each other.

During the host chat each day, they entertain the viewers and each other. Recently, they started the show with a question about a popular TikTok video that went viral.

“Which way do you stand in the shower?” was the question that Mark asked Kelly. Fans would think that after decades of marriage, he might know. But the answer is a simple one.

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They have a rainmaker shower head that blasts water from the ceiling. A standard shower head is mounted on a wall, and you either face toward it or away. Kelly had to have a long think back about how she showered before they traded up.

Kelly revealed that she would shower standing away from the head, and that caused Mark to happily say that that answer means they aren’t “sociopaths!”

They sent out a poll about the subject to their social media and planned to reveal the results from their fans later in the show.

Mark makes an embarrassing blunder and looks at Kelly to fix it

The end of a cute holiday sweater segment with Kelly and Shannon Doherty caused some problems for Mark.

Mark admittedly is not a fan of dressing up for the holidays and was quite upset when Michael Gelman revealed that Christmas sweaters are mandatory for them during this season.

Mark tried to announce what was coming up next, which happened to be the results of their showerhead poll.

Mark said, “Next, we’re gonna read out poll resorts…” He stopped for a beat and realized resorts was not the word. He did turn and look at Kelly for help. Mark got the word “results” out, and Kelly nodded in agreement. She reassured him that, yes, he was correct this time.

DIY Holiday Sweaters with Shannon Doherty

Comedian Steve Patterson gives an update on his dinner with Kelly and Mark

As previously reported on Monsters and Critics, Steve Patterson was extra excited over a dinner date he was about to have at Kelly and Mark’s home.

He shared on his Instagram how this happened and worried he had overstayed his welcome. Kelly, Mark, and Steve joined in on a skit that included a bit by Kelly where she joked she thought it “was a sleepover.”

Kelly and Mark brought up the dinner during their host chat. Steve was excited and said, “Oh, snap!” He said he thought they were going to “Yelp” a review for the dinner.

The clip was shown on Steve’s Instagram.

Mark thought maybe the dinner ran long. He said, “What is a time limit on a dinner?” Kelly explained that it was “dinner, dessert, and coffee.”

After some banter back and forth, Kelly and Mark made it clear to Steve that they were joking and enjoyed their time with Steve.

Live with Kelly and Mark airs weekdays on ABC.

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