Kelly Ripa on the defensive after Mark Consuelos calls this ‘curvy’

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos at different events.
Kelly Ripa is on the defensive because Mark Consuelos called this ‘Curvy.’ Pic credit: ©

When Kelly Ripa was sick last week, she was admittedly very productive during the time off.

When she returned, she and her husband, Mark Consuelos, spoke about her sickness. Kelly hates being sick and calls it a “personal failure.”

She prides herself on how healthy she stays, while Mark is amazed at how much work she gets done during her downtime. He said he would come home, and piles of work were finished.

An episode of her podcast, Let’s Talk Off Camera with Kelly Ripa, dropped while she was out. In it, she shared some exciting details with Chelsea Handler.

Kelly thinks about retiring all the time; this time, she revealed a dream she has for when she does retire. She has never attended college and wants to attend the same college as her son, Joaquin Consuelos.

He goes to the University of Michigan, and if Kelly has her wish, so will she one day.

Kelly takes Mark to task over this comment about her tree

While Kelly was sick, she took the time to decorate her Christmas tree. Kelly and Mark discussed the tree during the host chat this week on the show.

Kelly and Mark’s tree on Instagram.

After Kelly announced the tree was up, Mark agreed, “She’s up.”

Kelly went on to say she was “majestic.”

Then Mark added in the word “curvy.”

Kelly said, “She’s curvy.” Then, after thinking about it, a second said, “She doesn’t want you pointing that out.”

Everyone, including the audience, laughed while Kelly continued defensively, “She doesn’t want you shaming her size.”

Mark quickly backed down, “I’m not. I appreciate it.”

Kelly drove the point home by saying, “Yeah. She looks good.”

Comedian Steve Patterson goes wild over a dinner date invitation with Kelly and Mark

In November, Steve Patterson posted a video of an upcoming segment filming with Mark on his Instagram. He excitedly put into the universe the idea that he would end the night having dinner with Kelly and Mark.

Then, he posted an update on the situation, excited that Mark responded that Steve was coming for dinner!

Mark messaged him on his post.

Mark Consuelos on Instagram
Mark Consuelos messaged Steve Patterson. Pic credit: @instasuelos/Instagram

Mark told him to “Just bring yourself. You’re a great conversationalist. And. Yes, you call the Uber.” Mark spelled out that Kelly and Mark do not offer Uber service to or from their home.

Later, after the dinner, Steve posted an update on his Instagram. Kelly and Mark made a funny video about whether or not Steve had overstayed his welcome.

After some banter back and forth, Kelly told him she thought they were “having a sleepover.”

Live with Kelly and Mark airs weekdays on ABC.

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