Kelly Ripa is back and shares what she calls a ‘personal failure’

Kelly Ripa at a random event
Kelly Ripa shares what she calls a personal failure. Pic credit: ©

Kelly Ripa, from Live with Kelly and Mark, has been sick. She missed several days last week with an unspecified illness that began with her losing her voice.

A few bits and pieces were taped, but otherwise, the resident DJ, Deja Vu, filled in for her. Mark Consuelos, Kelly’s husband, was there to help Deja as much as possible.

The time did not pass smoothly, unfortunately. During the host chat in the morning, Deja blundered over the name of a famous movie, Die Hard.

She called it Lethal Weapon, causing the executive producer, Michael Gelman, and even Mark to come forward to correct her.

Fortunately, Kelly took enough time off that she could fully heal from her illness; she even had time to decorate her Christmas tree.

She returned to the show on Monday to thunderous applause and calls of “Kelly, we love you” from the audience.

Kelly told Mark, ‘Now I get it’ and went on to describe her ‘personal failure’

After Kelly strode out with Mark, she sat down and drank in the applause and excited energy from the studio audience.

She looked at Mark and said, “I got to watch the show. The show oozes charm…Now I get it.”

Mark could only look at her and said, “You never get sick.”

“It kills me! I take it as a personal failure,” Kelly revealed. She went on to say she felt 1000 percent better and that she doesn’t appreciate how healthy she usually is.

The couple bantered back and forth, talking about how they cannot both get sick simultaneously, and one needs to be what Kelly calls “a designated survivor.”

They described Kelly as the president and Mark as the vice president. They then looked over to Michael Gelman and called him the house speaker.

Mark thought it would be funny to call Kelly “Typhoid Mary,” as she described taking such care as wearing surgical gloves and a face mask at home so she would not get anyone sick.

Mark offers to officiate the wedding of The Golden Bachelor

After Kelly and Mark finished discussing her health, the topic turned to Gerry Turner and his upcoming wedding to Theresa Nist, the winner of The Golden Bachelor.

Theresa won the show and was chosen over twenty-one other ladies.

Theresa is reportedly “overcome with happiness” and will marry Gerry on January 4, 2023. Upon hearing this, Mark mentioned that he is a licensed minister. He joked about the couple being “awfully married” instead of the usual lawfully married.

Mark then joked that someone had to ask him to officiate the ceremony, but he seemed eager for the job.

Live with Kelly and Mark airs weekdays on ABC.

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