Kelly Ripa’s replacement made a big blunder on Live! and had to be corrected by producer

Kelly Ripa at a random event
Kelly Ripa has been absent from Live with Kelly and Mark due to an unspecified illness. Pic credit: ©ImageCollect/Faye Sadou/AdMedia

Kelly Ripa has not been on a live showing of Live with Kelly and Mark for three days this week.

Midweek, Mark Consuelos, Kelly’s real-life husband and on-air co-host, came out with the show’s resident DJ, Deja Vu, to fill Kelly’s spot.

He told viewers that Kelly was losing her voice earlier in the week and finally lost it.

She was home resting and trying to feel better, he told everyone. That day, Kelly’s latest podcast episode dropped with some exciting news.

As previously reported on Monsters and Critics, Kelly told everyone she has realized that she is not a morning person and thinks about retiring quite often.

She even revealed what she would be doing when she leaves her daytime hosting job of 23 years. She wants to become a college student and get a degree.

Meanwhile, the show is suffering a bit while she is out.

Kelly’s fill-in co-host blunders live on the air, causing Michael Gelman to step in

During the popular host chat, Deja Vu brought up each state’s most popular Christmas movies. She began with New Jersey. The most popular Christmas movie there — and also in Florida is — Home Alone.

Then Deja Vu was a bit puzzled over California and Edward Scissorhands. She asked the audience, “Is that a Christmas movie?” Mark looked around, questioning it as well.

Then she said, “I know there is a big debatable one, too. Everyone always says if Lethal Weapon is…”

Before Deja could say anymore, Michael Gelman, executive producer of Live with Kelly and Mark, yelled from his seat off camera, “No, Die Hard.” Mark also jumped in to say, Die Hard.

They are referring to Die Hard with Bruce Willis. There has always been a debate over whether it is a Christmas movie.

Deja Vu recovered from her noticeable error. She corrected herself, then asked the audience if they thought Die Hard was a Christmas movie. It is.

Between this slip-up and the mayhem the day before with the sword swallowing, things will run much more smoothly when Kelly returns.

What is Kelly doing this week when she is not working?

Kelly has been working on her podcast. Her episode with Chelsea Handler was eye-opening with the revelations about retiring and college.

On Friday, Kelly and her husband, Mark, posted on Instagram. They showed their freshly decorated Christmas tree.

Fans saw her beautiful tree on Instagram and took the time to ask if she was feeling better.

User @beaufortjojo said, “Absolutely gorgeous! Kelly, I hope you are feeling better!”

Fan of Kelly Ripa on Instagram
A fan is concerned for Kelly Ripa on Instagram. Pic credit: @beaufortjojo/Instagram

And another said, “Beautiful! Hope ur feeling better.”

Another fan on Instagram asking about Kelly Ripa
Another fan of Kelly Ripis is asking about her health on Instagram. Pic credit: @andrealizcan/Instagram

Decorating the house for Christmas can be done without a voice. Everyone eagerly awaits a fresh and relaxed Kelly on the show on Monday.

Live with Kelly and Mark airs weekdays on ABC.

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Maria Vega
Maria Vega
2 months ago

Great tree hope you’re feeling better and God bless you