Here’s why Kelly Ripa could be closer to retiring

Kelly Ripa at a random event
Kelly Ripa reveals new details that could lead her to retirement. Pic credit: ©

Kelly Ripa was not in her usual seat on her show, Live with Kelly and Mark, midweek.

She missed the entire show, and the resident DJ, Deja Vu, had to fill in for her while Mark Consuelos took to his usual spot.

Mark, her husband and co-host, assured everyone that she was ok, just feeling under the weather. She had lost her voice. The next show was taped beforehand, and viewers could hear that she sounded hoarse and coughing.

Kelly may be relieved to have stayed home. Her husband and Deja Vu were subject to a gruesome sight on the show.

Magician David Blaine was on to do some magic tricks, and one of them was beyond the pale.

As previously reported on Monsters and Critics, David, in a trick, licked both sides of a sword and then proceeded to swallow it live on the show.

Mark was so shaken by the sight that he had to go to an immediate commercial break.

Kelly shares a sudden revelation to Chelsea Handler

On her podcast, Let’s Talk Off Camera with Kelly Ripa, Kelly recently had Chelsea Handler on for a chat.

The conversation suddenly changed after talking about Chelsea and how glad she was not to have children, and Kelly revealed that she is happy she is an empty-nester right now.

Rumors of Kelly Ripa retiring are constantly circulating. Most recently, she took on an extra hosting job for Disney.

But on this podcast with Chelsea, Kelly revealed something she even admitted she told people at work. She recounted working as a host on a morning television show for twenty-three years.

Kelly told Chelsea and her podcast listeners, “It suddenly occurred to me. I walked in, and I go, ‘Uh,’ I’m not a morning person.”

She continued, “Suddenly, I woke up, and you know what the problem is? I’m a night owl. I’ve painted myself in a corner.”

Kelly is thinking about retiring. She is telling her co-workers, interviewers, and now her fans on her podcast.

Kelly reveals a surprising new challenge she will undergo when she retires

During this podcast, Kelly also revealed what she wants to do with her time after retiring.

On her stories on Instagram, she advertised her podcast, and part of the section was about her plans after Live with Kelly and Mark.

Written on the picture are “I’m finally going to” and “When I retire from show business…”

Kelly Ripa advertises her podcast on Instagram
Kelly Ripa is advertising her podcast on her Instagram. Pic credit: @kellyripa/Instagram

Kelly told Chelsea and her listeners, “I didn’t go to college.” And then, after speaking of her son, Joaquin Consuelos, who attends the University of Michigan, told everyone she was choosing that one.

Kelly continued, “I’m finally going to when I retire from show business, I’m going to get my college degree.” She then exclaimed that she could not wait to attend the University of Michigan!

Live with Kelly and Mark airs weekdays on ABC.

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