Mark Consuelos cannot stop saying, ‘No, no, no’ about this guest

Mark Consuelos at a random event
Mark Consuelos on Live with Kelly and Mark could not believe what a guest was doing. Pic credit: ©

Today on Live with Kelly and Mark, nothing was going typically, even from the start.

Mark Consuelos did not walk out with his wife, Kelly Ripa. Instead, Live’s DJ, Deja Vu, filled in as co-host, sitting in Kelly’s seat.

Everyone wondered what happened to Kelly, and thankfully, Mark was quick to fill the audience in on the circumstances.

Kelly had mentioned that she felt she was losing her voice the day before. Mark said that she did indeed lose her voice and was feeling unwell.

Deja Vu asked about Kelly, and Mark reassured her that she rested comfortably.

Mark joked about their hospital-grade air purifier and said he would sleep away from Kelly to avoid getting sick. The couple has joked about Mark being in the doghouse and sleeping away from the marital bed before because of his behavior.

David Blaine had Mark begging him to stop this trick

David Blaine (the magician) stopped by the show on Wednesday. During the interview, he pulled out a large, dangerous-looking sword. Deja Vu and Mark reared back in their seats to escape the blade.

David licked each side of the blade before putting his head back and swallowing it.

Deja Vu screamed, and Mark just released a stream of no’s. “No, no, no, no, no, no, no….” Mark could not stop saying it.

As David pulled it out of his throat, Deja yelled, “Oh my God.” Mark looked around for help, speechless. Mark regrouped as David said a disclaimer not to try this at home.

Mark then called for a break, saying, “I need to take a break.”

The entire jarring clip can be seen below.

David Blaine performing a sword-swallowing trick.

Mark and Deja Vu talk to Sebastian Maniscalco about turning 50

Earlier in the show, before being completely scared by the sword-swallowing David Blaine, Sebastian Maniscalco, a comedian, stopped by to talk about his new show, Bookie.

Deja decided to ask him about his recent birthday. She said, “Kelly thinks life begins at 50; you feel that same way?” As previously reported on Monsters and Critics, Kelly just turned 53 and celebrated on the show.

He said, “Uh, it’s slowly declining for me.” He is not a fan of growing older.

Talk turned to how hard it is to wear socks and not wake up feeling great.
Mark asked him, “Do you hear things popping, and crackling, and snapling?”

Sebastian looked at Mark unbelieveingly and said, “He’s like glowing. He’s like… you’re like the sun.”

Live with Kelly and Mark on Instagram

Fans of Kelly will be excited to see her return to the show after her illness.

Live with Kelly and Mark airs weekdays on ABC.

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Nicolas Caupain
Nicolas Caupain
4 months ago

Kelly, please don’t resign at such a young age! You can do night classes or even online classes.

Linda Stephens
Linda Stephens
4 months ago

Feel better quickly Kelly. We miss you. But if you can’t talk. Not much you can do as a cohost. Hope you went to the decor at least talked to one to get your voice back soon.