Kelly Ripa celebrates landmark occasion with a risque Mark Consuelos claim

Kelly RIpa on Live with Kelly & Mark
Kelly Ripa celebrated her birthday on TV with Mark Consuelos. Pic credit: Michel Le Brecht/Disney General Entertainment)

Kelly Ripa turned 53 on Monday October 2. On her show, Live with Kelly and Mark, her real-life husband, Mark Consuelos, greeted her and the audience with an enthusiastic, “Good morning!”

As he kissed Kelly on the cheek in greeting, he proclaimed in a sexy way, “I wore my birthday suit for you today!”

It is commonly known that “wearing your birthday suit” means to have no clothes on. Certainly, his claim was a double meaning as he wore a very handsome suit.

In the back-and-forth banter between the long-married couple, Kelly reminded Mark that it is also their niece’s birthday and they celebrate that instead of her own these last 23 years.

Kelly made sure to flirt back to Mark with her own double-meaning comment, “I love your birthday suit.

This celebrity couple remain close as they co-host Live with Kelly and Mark. They are often seen holding hands and finishing each other’s sentences.

Mark loves hosting the show with Kelly

Kelly Ripa was first the co-host to the legendary Regis Philbin. Once he retired she co-hosted with Michael Strahan and then Ryan Seacrest.

Nowadays her husband Mark is constantly at her side. This makes for a bright and easy flowing host segment where they chat and share tidbits about their life.

Very recently Mark was sick and still wanted to come host the show. Kelly shared that despite his sickness, he still was looking forward to hosting.

Kelly is always an attentive wife and lovingly takes care of Mark’s needs. The couple has been married since 1996 and have three children together.

Kelly and Mark’s intimacy bleeds over into Live with Kelly and Mark

In the most real and at-home opening montage that the talk show had ever had, the couple are shown getting ready for their day.

In the clip, the couple brush their teeth before Mark puts his arm around Kelly and they walk out together in what they want viewers to imagine to be their New York City apartment.

The couple have an easygoing demeanor and ease that is uncommon on talk shows today. Kelly feels relaxed enough to continue a light and breezy interview style with her guests. Evidence of this happened as she interviewed the Golden Bachelor, Gerry Turner. She even flirted with him a bit in front of Mark.

Happy Birthday Kelly Ripa, may you have many more!

Live with Kelly and Mark airs weekdays on ABC.

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