Mark Consuelos blames his latest Stump Mark loss on this injury

Mark Consuelos on the red carpet
Mark Consuelos lost at Stump Mark but blamed it on an injury. Pic credit: ©

Mark Consuelos is getting quite a reputation for his Stump Mark trivia contest on Live with Kelly and Mark and how much he wants to win each one.

He has been known to stomp off and leave the set when he suffers a loss, like when he lost a second time to Jane Krakowski on LIVE.

Mark gets so invested in winning that he has instructed the crew to keep track of his win/loss ratio as if he is playing baseball and needs the statistics to show if he’s any good.

Mark seemed to take things a little too far during a recent Stump Mark when he lost to the day’s contestant, Phyllis Mills from Moreno Valley, CA, and he blamed an injury for the loss.

That same morning, on Live with Kelly and Mark, Mark told Kelly Ripa and the audience that he had injured one of his biceps during their whirlwind trip to Africa.

He made a big deal of the injury to his bicep from doing curls on vacation and then lifting Kelly’s suitcase. Mark said they worried he ruptured a tendon and declared that he needed an MRI, which he would be getting later.

Mark lost this Stump Mark and blamed his injured bicep

With his mind on the MRI and his injured bicep, Mark went into the Stump Mark portion of the show preoccupied, he would later say.

The contestant, Phyllis, shared that her statements were, “I got my first tattoo at 64” and “I’ve just come back from my 24th cruise.” Mark needed to ask questions to decide which was the true one. If he lost, Phyllis would win a mug and t-shirt.

He ultimately lost and then blamed his possibly ruptured tendon as the reason for the loss. He hates to hear that “You are wrong, Mark!” phrase.

Kelly crowed that she knew which statement was correct when Mark guessed incorrectly, but all he could say was, “Listen, I’m injured. It’s my thinking arm.”

Mark had revealed earlier in the show that if this ruptured tendon burst, he would be in a whole arm cast for a long time as it healed. Just the thought of a cast for that long had to keep him from doing his best during Stump Mark.

Mark shared a cute story about Kelly in his ESPN FC interview

Kay Murray spoke to Mark about his Campobasso soccer team and how well it is doing this season.

They may even win first place this season, although their lead is two points. If they pull it off, it will be a nail-biter!

During the interview, Mark shared his love of the team and the business side of things. He said, “My wife will walk into a room, and if I’m speaking Italian, she’ll turn around and leave.” He then said that Kelly knows, “I’m talking football.”

LIVE with Kelly and Mark airs weekdays on ABC.

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