Here’s why a game has Mark Consuelos from LIVE eating his feelings

Mark Consuelos at a random event.
A tense game of soccer has Mark Consuelos eating his feelings in Italy. Pic credit: ©

It has been a year since Mark Consuelos started full-time on Live with Kelly and Mark as Kelly Ripa’s sidekick, and fans cannot get enough of him.

The men love that he talks about sports and other guy stuff on the otherwise woman-centric talk show.

Monsters and Critics reported that Mark does not plan to stop discussing sports during the show’s host chat.

Recently, Mark and Kelly had the opportunity to attend a friend’s wedding in Morocco, Africa, and while Kelly returned home, Mark went on to Italy for an important reason.

Mark and Kelly are part owners of the Compobasso FFC soccer team in Italy, and Mark attends every game he can.

He shared with fans on LIVE what he called a “rollercoaster of emotions” after his latest trip to Italy to watch the team.

Mark confessed to eating his feelings in Italy

Mark has poured his heart and soul into the Campobasso soccer club to make them a good team.

He has a solid drive to win at anything, especially his Stump Mark game, and this soccer team’s success is just as critical to him.

Mark shared with Kelly and the audience that there are only two games left in the season, and he is striving to break a 100-year-old record and have his guys win the season.

After recalling the “rollercoaster of emotions,” Mark said he ate his “feelings” over the tense game. His guys were up by four points for the season, and the team just behind them won, so there ended up being just a two-point lead.

Mark told the audience about all the food he ate at the restaurant, which has become somewhat of a ritual after each game. Mark and his fellow investors eat at the same restaurant as part of a superstition.

He said he ate antipasti, lasagna, pizza, and veal. There was so much cheese that it was everywhere.

Kelly exclaimed about the tense ordeal, saying it was “So Italian! It’s not enough for us to win; they must lose!”

Mark shared a couple of photos of the wedding and him in Italy

Mark and Kelly went to a magical spot in Africa. Kelly couldn’t believe she could go to Africa since it doesn’t happen daily. She shared how upset she was because of a faulty customs stamp on her passport.

The couple shared a great photo of them in Africa sometime during the weekend’s festivities.

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos in Africa at a wedding
Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa shared a photo of them in Morocco. Pic credit: @kellyripa/Instagram

And Mark shared a photo of him on the ground at his beloved Compasso team stadium.

Mark Consuelos in Italy as shared on his Instagram story.
Mark Consuelos shared a photo of his time in Italy watching his soccer team. Pic credit: @instasuelos/Instagram

Mark loves this soccer team. He won’t be able to control his happiness if they win the championship!

Live with Kelly and Mark airs weekdays on ABC.

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28 days ago

Did mark need a cast for his muscle in his bicep?