Luke Skywalker in The Mandalorian: Why fans wanted Sebastian Stan not Mark Hamill and Max Lloyd-Jones combo

Luke Skywalker from The Mandalorian.
Luke Skywalker from The Mandalorian. Pic credit: Disney Plus

The Mandalorian dropped a massive bombshell this week during its closing moments. And that bombshell — ladies and gents — was the arrival of Luke Skywalker to save the day.

The ending was a giant close to a stellar season that raises many questions about what Season 3 could become. Especially with the entire show having hinged on the relationship between Mando and Baby Yoda.

But fans have been rather outspoken about the execution of Luke Skywalker’s appearance in The Mandalorian. This is similar to when Twitter tried to cancel Baby Yoda.

Why are they demanding Sebastian Stan as Luke Skywalker? Why are they upset about the use of Mark Hamill and Max Lloyd-Jones? Here is what to know about the reaction to The Mandalorian Season 2 finale.

The outcry for Sebastian Stan as Luke Skywalker

It’s been a long internet demand that Sebastian Stan play the character of Luke Skywalker. Mostly because their facial similarities make fans want to believe they are doppelgangers.

For example, this Tweet dates all the way back to June long before The Mandalorian Season 2 finale.


The actual episode did not incorporate Stan but instead chose the body of Max Lloyd-Jones with young Mark Hamill’s likeness superimposed over his face. It basically left the impression of a really well-done deepfake.

Sadly, the reactions are on point. As amazing as it is to see young Luke appear in the show, the cameo felt soulless at best. The character was there, sure. But the personality felt legitimately artificial– because it was artificial.

Twitter reacts to the Mark Hamill and Max Lloyd-Jones combo and demands Sebastian Stan

After the episode premiered, spoilers were abounding on Twitter. The response was so overwhelming that users made Luke Skywalker trend in the middle of the night.

But as stated, many fans took to the platform expressing their desire for The Winter Soldier himself to take the role instead of the deepfake Luke Skywalker that was given.

Here are a few of those Twitter reactions:


However, not all Tweets were outraged by the choice. Some were genuinely moved by the experience including Kevin Smith who had a lot to say. As readers can see, the finale made Kevin Smith cry.

Regardless of the lack of Sebastian Stan, Smith is right about the decision to bring in Luke as a bold choice. In fact, the entire finale is bold with Luke taking Baby Yoda away from the central story.

What does this mean for The Mandalorian Season 3? Only time will tell. But it’s going to be rough not having Grogu/Baby Yoda for the next chapter.

What do you think? Should Sebastian Stan play Luke Skywalker? Tell us below.

The Mandalorian Season 2 can be streamed in its entirety on Disney Plus.

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