Love After Lockup exclusive: Glorietta finds Alex on a date with Julianna

Glorietta and Alex during their confrontation.
Glorietta caught Alex with Julianna. Pic credit: WEtv

Love After Lockup Season 2B has been a wild ride. The season finale will air tomorrow night, revealing which couples have made it, and which couples split up after being together in the free world.

Alex and Glorietta have been up and down since they were introduced to Love After Lockup viewers. She was so excited for him to get released and spent plenty of time thinking about her wedding. Glorietta even agreed to convert to the Muslim religion for Alex.

The last few episodes have shown Alex acting funny with Glorietta. Julianna, his ex-girlfriend, met up with him and he was still lovestruck by her. Even though she wasn’t the one who held him down while he was in jail, she is the one he was trying to contact immediately following his release. Remember, he borrowed the hotel’s phone to try and call her while Glorietta was laying up in the hotel room.

In this exclusive Love After Lockup clip, Glorietta goes to confront Alex while he is out with Julianna. She asks him what is going on, and he tells her he no longer wants to be with her. Along for the ride was her mom, and given that these two have not had a good relationship, things get turned up when mama bear gets involved.

It looks like this may be the end for Glorietta and Alex, though some Love After Lockup viewers aren’t sure this is when things ended. Could they have tried to work through things after this intense scene and extreme disrespect? Will Glorietta choose to forgive and give this relationship her all?

This entire season has been all over the place, and the relationships featured could make it or crumble on any given Friday. At this point, it looks like Glorietta got the information she came for, and what she does with it remains to be seen.

Be sure to tune in and find out what goes down between Glorietta and Alex!

The season finale of Love After Lockup airs Friday, November 22 at 8/7c on WEtv.

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