Love After Lockup exclusive clip: Is Scott just a trick for Lizzie?

Scott from Love After Lockup
Scott believes he may have been used by Lizzie on Love After Lockup. Pic credit: WEtv

Love After Lockup viewers have watched Scott and Lizzie since Season 1. The details surrounding their relationship have raised plenty of questions, especially given the knowledge that she had used several other men while incarcerated.

Season 1 of Love After Lockup followed Scott as he got ready for Lizzie’s release. Ultimately, she was not released and had to serve more time. Now, Lizzie is out in the real world for Season 2 and things aren’t going as planned.

Scott wonders if he was just another trick

In the exclusive Love After Lockup clip, Scott reveals that things have not gone as he had hoped. While Lizzie did run into his arms after her release, that was the extent of the attention she gave him. Scott tells the cameras that he is worried that he is just another trick.

Lizzie notices that Scott is outside and attempts to get him to come swimming. He confronts her about how he feels and she doesn’t respond well. Is this going to be the end of their relationship before it ever really got started?

Will Lizzie accept Scott’s proposal?

The trailer for Season 2 of Love After Lockup revealed that Scott would be getting down on one knee. Lizzie’s reaction didn’t appear to be a happy thing, especially given that this is the man who helped her while she was in prison.

If Lizzie doesn’t accept Scott’s proposal, will he walk away?

At this point, there has been no indication of where their relationship stands in real time. With all of the issues they are having just one day out in the real world, Scott and Lizzie may not make it.

After all of the money he spent on her while incarcerated, he could end up without her and left with a bunch of debt.

Love After Lockup airs Friday nights at 9/8c on WEtv.

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