LIVE’s Kelly Ripa reveals on her podcast that she loves her anxiety

Kelly Ripa at a random event.
Kelly Ripa spoke candidly about her anxiety on her podcast. Pic credit: © StarMaxWorldwide

Kelly Ripa can still find time to film Live with Kelly and Mark and fit a podcast into her busy schedule.

Every Wednesday, the dynamic talk show host treats her fans to a new episode of Season 2 of her highly anticipated podcast.

On a recent Let’s Talk Off Camera with Kelly Ripa podcast episode titled David Duchovny: Why Don’t You Love Me?, Kelly spoke up about her anxiety.

Kelly has admitted to going to therapy with her husband, Mark Consuelos, to work out issues in the past and is not shy about her anxiety diagnosis. 

Before David Duchovny entered the chat, Kelly and her producers, Albert Bianchini, and Jan Schillay, were chatting about the weight loss drug Mounjaro and the reports about increased anxiety when someone takes it. 

The Daily Mail has reported that usage of weight loss drugs can cause a personality change that can increase anxiety and depression.

Kelly shares that she loves her anxiety

The whole weight loss conversation arose because Kelly’s producer, Albert, said he was using Mounjaro and was upset that some feel shame over using those medications to lose weight.

Kelly spoke about the hesitation that some have with admitting to weight loss drug use, saying, “I don’t get it at all.” She then shared about her anxiety and how she copes with it.

It was during this chat about weight loss drugs and increased anxiety that Kelly shared, “I love my anxiety. I feel like it serves me well. I have had both low-level and high-level anxiety.”

She said, “I like it; it comforts me…it is my constant companion. I take my anxiety everywhere I go.”

Kelly is open and speaks candidly about her anxiety whenever the subject comes up. On a podcast with Dan Harris, The Ten Percent Happier, she even revealed that she gains comfort from working on LIVE, saying, “It’s just like my living room.”

On that podcast, she shared that she and Mark were proactive about therapy for their marriage and that Mark now benefits from it.

It is excellent that Kelly has found a good place where she can be at peace with having anxiety and learning how to cope with it in a way that looks effortless.

Kelly and Mark are tasked with painting each other’s portraits

Michael Gelman found an activity that seemed to drive Kelly bonkers the other day on the show. He had Kelly and Mark painting portraits of each other. They started them during the show and shared the finished products the next day.

Motherly explains that it’s a fun couple activity that “has couples planning sweet date nights where they gather canvases and paints and do…that — they sit across from their significant other and paint each other.”

The show shared the finished products on LIVE’s YouTube channel, and the paintings are cute representations of the couple.

Kelly has vowed to get Gelman back for making her do this “homework” on the show.

Live with Kelly and Mark airs weekdays on ABC.

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