Mark Consuelos admits he is in therapy on Live with Kelly and Mark

Mark Consuelos on the red carpet
Mark Consuelos admitted he is in therapy for an issue. Pic credit: ©

Mark Consuelos and his wife, Kelly Ripa, have had a long marriage, and with that comes various issues. Mark admitted to one Friday on Live with Kelly and Mark.

They raised their children and are now considered “empty nesters.” Kelly and Mark excitedly brought this up recently during the host chat.

Their three children, Michael, Lola, and Joaquin, are off leading their own lives, and that takes some adjustment for Kelly and Mark.

While the couple talked about their fun times with no children at home, Mark mentioned needing professional help with an issue.

He seemed embarrassed to talk about it but plowed through the subject anyway.

He and Kelly love high thread count sheets, and Mark shared that his parents used the same quality when he was growing up. His love of these sheets became a problem, he intimated.

Mark admitted that he is in therapy over this issue

He told the audience that when he was a child and his dad went out of town, he and his siblings would take turns sleeping in his parent’s room with his mom.

Mark is the youngest of three kids. He has an older brother and sister, and this was considered a treat for them as kids.

He admitted to Kelly and the audience that the situation got “weird when he was sixteen, but he still wanted to do it.”

Mark grimaced and said, “I’m in therapy now because of it, but it’s fine.”

When he said that, both he and Kelly just laughed and laughed. If Mark is in therapy over that, it still doesn’t seem like a big issue in their marriage.

Kelly and Mark are taking their empty nest status in stride. The kids do come home often and even help out on the show.

Kelly and Mark’s kids helped make Christmas cookies on Live

Two of Kelly and Mark’s kids were able to come and help with segments on the show Live with Kelly and Mark before the holiday break. Lola and Michael came and shared about their lives and made Christmas cookies.

Lola is living in London, and Michael is in New Jersey working on Bravo shows for Kelly’s good friend Andy Cohen. Joaquin was in Michigan at college.

Kelly posted a great shot of the four of them on her Instagram account.

Kelly Ripa’s Instagram.

Kelly captioned the photo of her, Mark, Lola, and Michael: “A Christmas cookie miracle brought to you by Michael and Lola. And before you ask…Joaquin is in Michigan.”

Let’s hope Joaquin got home to try some great Christmas cookies before they were all gone!

Live with Kelly and Mark airs weekdays on ABC.

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