Let’s Make a Deal host Wayne Brady tells contestant he touched prize ‘without consent’

wayne brady face shot from Los Angeles Premiere Of Sony Pictures Spider Man Far From Home
Wayne Brady is the host of Let’s Make a Deal. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

A Let’s Make a Deal contestant got a bit handsy while contemplating an offer for another prize.

During a recent segment on the show, Wayne Brady was on stage wearing a mustache as he presented a game for prizes.

The pair of contestants had to write down either “TV” or “Camp” on white cards to see if their answers matched to win a prize.

When Brady asked them to reveal their cards, the buzzer sounded as they each had a different answer.

“Oh no. Oh, my goodness. Well, that was not a match,” Brady said before asking each of them to explain why they answered the way they did.

“Because I like TVs,” the woman said after the guy said he wrote camping because he was “going camping tomorrow” and has a lot of TVs.

Despite their answers not matching up, the game show host revealed to the contestants they still had a chance to redeem themselves.

In typical Let’s Make a Deal fashion, Brady told them they could keep the prizes they’d already won: phones valued over $3,000.

“Or…Jonathan Mangum has this black satchel,” he said as the show’s announcer and assistant walked up to the male contestant carrying a black briefcase.

The contestant, dressed in a Classic Ranch dressing costume, began to rub his hand on the briefcase as he admired it.

“You touched that bag without consent,” Brady said, reprimanding the contestant in his changed-up older voice.

His joke landed with the audience and both contestants as everyone chuckled over the remark.

The contestants agreed to “go big” as they asked for whatever was in the briefcase.

Much to their delight and that of the crowd, the briefcase opened to reveal a trip to warm and sunny St. Lucia. The two contestants jumped up and cheered over the win, excited they took the risk.

Brady and Let’s Make a Deal celebrated their 60th episode earlier this year. Brady has hosted the game show since 2009.

Brady revealed his ‘mini me’ came to visit him at his other gig

In addition to hosting Let’s Make a Deal and appearing in Whose Line Is It Anyway?, Brady is also starring in a touring production of the classic musical, The Wiz.

He recently uploaded a fun clip on TikTok and Instagram, with the words “POV: Your mini me comes to visit you on Broadway” written over the video. The song Made For Me by Muni Long plays over the clip.

In the video, Brady wore a black leather jacket and shirt, dark blue jeans, and a large-brimmed hat. He opens the door with a smile as the camera shifts to show his daughter, Maile Masako Brady, lip-synching part of the song.

She also wore a black leather jacket and black pants. In the quick video, the father and daughter go back and forth, lip-synching parts of the song.

“Being on Broadway is always the dream and I’m always grateful for it. One of the sacrifices is family time. Being away from home can be lonely but then @theofficialmailebrady comes to town to visit me, and all is right in the world. I love you little Buddy!” Brady wrote in his caption.

Viewers will get to see more of Brady with his daughter, Maile, among others.

As previously reported by Deadline, Brady, his daughter, ex-wife, and others will appear in Wayne Brady: The Family Remix, an upcoming Hulu docuseries.

That reality show is based on their everyday lives with a new look at what a “modern family” is. The idea spawned after they realized people were enjoying watching their various TikTok videos, which seems to continue as a trend based on the latest upload.

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