Wayne Brady reveals wild jobs he worked at before Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Wayne Brady face shot from Los Angeles Premiere Of Sony Pictures Spider-Man Far From Home in 2019
Wayne Brady was a “knockoff Power Ranger” among other characters before his big TV gig. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Before making it big on television, Wayne Brady worked his way up with several unique jobs.

Interestingly, those jobs involved characters he played, which helped prepare him for future gigs like Whose Line Is It Anyway? and other roles.

During his appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Brady was asked about those early jobs, including one involving some iconic heroes.

“A lot of theater, but I was a Black Power Ranger- not the Black Power Ranger, that’s a gentleman named Walter,” he shared.

Brady indicated he was a “knockoff Power Ranger” working at kids’ parties, but it didn’t go well.

“I did this party. I tried to do flips. I can’t flip. I tried to kick. I can’t kick,” he said, revealing he knew it was probably time to quit that job.

Brady revealed he quit another job during Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Fallon asked Wayne Brady if he’d been working as the Power Ranger while also on Whose Line Is It Anyway?, the popular improv comedy TV show.

“I was doing [that] and working at Universal Studios as the Beetlejuice in the Beetlejuice Rock’ N Roll Show as the Wolfman and Dracula,” he revealed.

Brady called it an “amazing show,” which involved him “singing and dancing five times a day.”

He said he received a call to audition for Whose Line Is It Anyway? which he’d already done with his improv group, called The House of Honkeys, and felt they “sucked” during the previous attempt.

Brady said he still ended up going to the audition but took it half seriously. He said he showed up still wearing some Dracula makeup from his Beetlejuice show at Universal, expecting to get cut.

However, he believed that sealed the deal once they asked him to improvise some songs during the audition.

“At the end of the day, I had a job,” Brady shared, revealing how he got on Whose Line Is It Anyway?, which has also featured Drew Carey, Ryan Stiles, and Colin Mochrie.

Brady revealed that he continued working at that Universal Studios Beetlejuice job after landing Whose Line Is It Anyway? It wasn’t until a British couple in the front row at his Universal Show recognized him from Whose Line.

He said that after confirming the couple had seen him on TV, he returned to the stage as the Wolfman and yelled, “I quit!” over the show’s music.

Brady said his new docuseries arrived after TikTok quarantine videos

Brady will appear in a new reality TV series that spotlights his blended family.

While on The Tonight Show, he told Fallon the show came about several years ago when he’d been quarantining with his daughter and her mother, who is Brady’s ex-wife. His ex’s life partner, Jason, and their son were also quarantining with them.

He joked that some people might question whether they were a “cult, swingers, or a loving family,” but that it’s a “loving family.”

While quarantining, they began to create and upload TikTok videos, which gained popularity. That included a fun Christmas greeting they shared with followers as they transformed into matching pajamas.


Merry Xmas from our family to yours! @mandietaketa @mailebrady @jasonmichaelfordham and Sunny!Family is everything!

♬ –

He revealed about the videos, “People liked that so much that we now have a docuseries on Hulu and Freeform about our family.”

Wayne Brady: Family Remixed will show Brady and his family at work while also presenting a lot of other things about their lives.

“This is what a modern family looks like. Black, Asian, the whole thing,” he said.

According to Deadline, Brady’s new docuseries has yet to get an official release date but could premiere this summer.

Meanwhile, fans can continue watching Brady on episodes of the rebooted game show Let’s Make a Deal or catch him in a live performance during the touring revival of The Wiz.

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