Wayne Brady reveals inappropriate DMs he’s received after coming out as pansexual

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Wayne Brady shared about his “shocking” DMs since coming out as pansexual. Pic credit: ©

It’s often said it goes down in the DMs, and Wayne Brady has said it’s “shocking” what sorts of messages he’s received since coming out as pansexual.

Last year, The Let’s Make a Deal host revealed he was pansexual, which means he is attracted to all people regardless of gender or identity.

GLAAD, the world’s largest lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) media advocacy organization, indicates that the term is one of several that is under a “bi+ umbrella.”

During the interview where he came out as pansexual, Brady clarified that after doing research, he considered himself “bisexual — with an open mind.”

“In doing my research, both with myself and just with the world, I couldn’t say if I was bisexual, because I had to really see what that was, especially because I really have not gotten a chance to act on anything,” he told People in August 2023.

More recently, Brady talked about receiving many “flattering” and “shocking” messages since his coming out.

Wayne Brady shared about ‘shocking’ DMs he’s received

According to Wayne Brady, his direct messages are “popping and it’s amazing” since he came out as pansexual.

“I’ve never gotten an eggplant in my inbox. It’s shocking,” Brady said regarding his messages.

“Much respect to women, I’m sorry, I know you feel when a random guy just goes, ‘Hey, I like you so much, I’m a show you my junk.’ Like, no bro, that isn’t necessarily the calling card that I want. But I’m flattered, thank you,” he shared.

According to The Wrap, Brady said the first person to know of his sexuality was his ex-wife, Mandie Taketa, who encouraged him to come out because she felt he’d be “happier.”

The couple shares a daughter, Maile Masako Brady, born in February 2003.

At the time of his coming out publicly, Brady said he hadn’t been dating yet.

“I am single, but it’s not about being with someone right now. I’ve got some work to do still. Then, Wayne, as a single, open-minded pansexual, can make a decision and be free and open to other people,” he shared.

Brady to appear in Hulu docuseries

Brady continues to keep busy with his career. He appeared regularly on the improv comedy show Whose Line Is It Anyway? and hosted a talk show, The Wayne Brady Show.

More recently, he’s produced and hosted Let’s Make a Deal since 2009, for which he won an Emmy. As of this year, Brady began touring as part of the musical production, The Wiz.

Several days ago, the five-time Emmy winner hosted the 35th Annual GLAAD Media Awards Los Angeles. During an interview, he talked about his next project.

The talented actor, comedian, and show host will star in Wayne Brady: The Family Remix, a docuseries on Hulu.

Family Remix follows Brady’s daily activities and adventures, much like a reality television show. It may also give people a new way to think about the term “modern family.”

According to Deadline, the show will “offer an intimate look into his blended family’s personal life” and is executive produced by Brady, his ex-wife, and Shahram Qureshi and Rachel Tung. A premiere date has yet to be announced.

Wayne Brady: The Family Remix premiere is TBA for Hulu.

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