Let’s Make a Deal fans demand Wayne Brady give grill giveaway details

lets make a deal host wayne brady face shot from military tribute episode on cbs
Wayne Brady and Let’s Make a Deal presented a patriotic episode of the game show. Pic credit: CBS

A recent Let’s Make a Deal episode caused fans to grill host Wayne Brady about a prize’s availability.

The episode, which CBS presented earlier this week in time for the Fourth of July, featured a patriotic theme, which Wayne said was a salute to the military.

The Let’s Make a Deal set included American flags, stars, and various red, white, and blue decorations.

American Idol winner Jordin Sparks appeared as a celebrity guest and performed on stage with Wayne.

Their fun duet was to give a contestant clues about a prize he could win.

Earlier this week, the game show’s Instagram page uploaded a clip from Wayne’s duet with Jordin. It grabbed much attention from commenters asking about a giveaway during the episode.

Let’s Make a Deal’s patriotic episode featured a grill giveaway

“To all of our veterans, to all of our active duty watching the show. Thank you for your service. Now, let us be of service to you. Who wants to make a deal?” Wayne said after the game show’s patriotic episode opened.

Contestants called down from the audience included active military members.

During one of the show’s segments, a contestant won a music studio featuring a keyboard, electric guitars, drums, studio-quality condenser microphone, and an amplifier. Model Tiffany Coyne also revealed that the contestant won a trip to Nashville, Tennessee.

After the exciting prize announcement, Wayne hugged the contestant as she returned to the audience.

“You know what? I’m gonna play Oprah now. Everybody in the audience is getting something. And our at homies,” the host said, looking at the camera.

“Jonathan, what are they gonna get?” Wayne asked announcer Jonathan Mangum.

lets make a deal screengrab from grill giveaway episode to retired and active duty military
Viewers saw an exciting grill giveaway on Let’s Make a Deal. Pic credit: CBS

The camera showed a Recteq grill, and Jonathan described the full-size wood pellet grill and its features to the excited in-studio audience members.

There were also the “at-homies” Wayne mentioned, who the episodes viewers saw presented on a screen featuring live video feeds.

Jonathan revealed that the website is “where retired or active duty military always receive discounts.”

After Jonathan finished his description, Wayne announced that viewers could visit the Let’s Make a Deal Instagram page to win the same grill that the audience members did.

Fans asked Wayne ‘Where’s the grill?” from LMAD episode

With this patriotic episode airing on CBS, many viewers wanted further details about the grill giveaway they saw.

“Where’s the grills??!!” a commenter asked, with another asking, “Where do you claim grill.”

“Grill please!!!?!” another commenter wrote, with an individual asking, “Where and how do I claim the grill.”

lets make a deal instagram comments screenshot for grill giveaway
Fans of Let’s Make a Deal have requests. Pic credit: @letsmakeadealcbs/Instagram

It’s unclear if some individuals commenting were in that episode’s audience or recently watched it at home. However, a few more comments may have cleared up some confusion.

A commenter praised the episode for paying tribute to the military and asked Wayne if it’s “true that you’re honoring the grill to all military retirees and active duty soldiers.”

“Please respond to the people here on Instagram and myself as well. Where do we go to get the link for the grill, please don’t disappoint us all,” the commenter posted.

Another individual replied, indicating that the giveaway had already ended, though.

screenshot from lets make a deal instagram as fan clears up rerun details
A fan was trying to get a grill. Pic credit: @letsmakeadealcbs/Instagram

The Let’s Make a Deal Primetime episode originally aired on November 10, 2023, so viewers who saw it recently watched it as a rerun on CBS.

The rerun episode’s viewers also saw the Let’s Make a Deal Instagram post from the rerun posted earlier this week, which likely caused some additional confusion.

During the episode, the text at the bottom of the screen indicated the giveaway ended on November 15, 2023.

Those interested in the company’s grills can still view a selection at the Recteq website.

Their support page indicates they offer a 10 percent savings on select items for “active and retired members of the armed forces and active first responders,” but customers must call them to use the discount on an order.

Let’s Make a Deal Primetime Season 4 premieres Wednesday, August 7, on CBS.

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