Legends of Tomorrow season finale introduces long-discussed character and changes another’s fate.

The Legends of Tomorrow season 4 line-up.
Legends of Tomorrow’s fourth season finale saw one character seem to get written off the show and replaced by another. Pic credit: The CW.

Spoilers ahead for Legends of Tomorrow’s fourth season finale!

The fourth season finale of Legends of Tomorrow, “Hey! World,” made an unexpected change to the Legends line-up — and it may not be so easily reversed.

In the final moments of the episode, Zari Tomaz’s dream of reversing her family’s ill-fated history came true. But it also reversed her status as a Legend.

In order to prevent Neron from using fear of magical beings to create a literal Hell on Earth, the Legends decided to get Nate’s dad’s theme park of magical beings up and running.

Success would mean people would no longer be scared of these beings, which would prevent fear from powering Neron to his endgame.

Success would also mean that the timeline for Zari’s family would change. Most importantly, her brother, Behrad, would still be alive.

While Zari has discussed her desire to get her brother back since she met the Legends, it fundamentally changes things for Zari. Zari came into possession of the Air Totem because her brother perished. It was originally his.

To protect Zari from the potential changes, the team left her on the Waverider to stay safe in the Timestream. When Nate’s life was endangered, though, she left the ship to help him. In the process, she changed her fate — and the fate of the Legends.

In the final moments of the finale, Zari was replaced by her brother. While fans were meeting Behrad for the first time, the Legends acted as if he was an established part of the team.

Zari Tomaz on Legends of Tomorrow
When the timeline changed in the season 4 finale of Legends of Tomorrow, Zari was no longer a member of the team. Pic credit: The CW.

With Behrad now a Legend and Zari no longer responsible for the Air Totem, she may have never met the Legends in this new timeline.

She also may not be the same gritty character we’ve come to know and love, having never suffered through the hardships her family had endured in the original timeline.

It seems unlikely that Zari won’t return in some capacity next season. The question is how. Will the Legends somehow reverse the changes they made?

Now that Zari has her brother back she wouldn’t want to reverse that timeline change. On the other hand, we also know there’s a great multiverse out there with many different Zaris. Could the show introduce us to one of them?

We’ll have a while to wait to find out. Legends of Tomorrow won’t return until midseason.

Legends of Tomorrow returns next year on The CW.

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