Legends Of Tomorrow losing an original cast member

Dominick Purcell on Legend's of Tomorrow
Dominick Purcell on Legend’s of Tomorrow. Pic credit: The CW

The CW’s DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow was among the dozen shows the network renewed last week.

However, when the quirky time-traveling superhero series begins production for its seventh season, it’ll be the last trip for one of its original cast members.

Dominic Purcell, who plays the flame-controlling, thick-headed but loveable Mick Rory, aka Heatwave, appears to have confirmed he’ll be leaving the series after his contract expires at the end of Season 7.

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His former partner, Leonard Snart (Captain Cold) left the series after Season 2 and was a guest star in Season 3.

In a post on his Instagram page, Purcell stated he would honor the last year of his contract.

“It’s not lost on me how fortunate I am in a world full of turmoil and tragedy/nor the unfairness of life; that I prevail while others struggle.”

Rory’s rise on Legends of Tomorrow

Purcell first played the character of Mick, a pyromaniac thief on The Flash series (where his former Prison Break co-star Wentworth Miller played Captain Cold).

The character utilized a special flamethrower weapon and enjoyed his criminal life. Both were part of Legends’ original cast when it premiered in 2016, with Miller leaving at the end of its first season but making guest appearances since.

Mick’s journey has seen him go from a simple crook to a hero and romance author. He is always enjoyable for his comedic lines that play on being a bit slow on the uptake.

The fifth season had Mick thrown to discover the teenage daughter he never knew he had. With him trying to be a father, this might be how the show writes him off, with Heat Wave retiring from the time-traveling adventures.

What this means for Legends of Tomorrow

If there’s one thing fans of the wild Legends series know, it’s that the show survived several cast turnovers.

Purcell’s departure leaves Caity Lotz (team leader Sara Lance aka the White Canary) as the only remaining cast member from the show’s first season.

Like all CW series, Legends was hit by delays due to the pandemic shutdowns and is currently wrapping up filming season six.

Legends of Tomorrow Season 6 will kick-off by following up the season 5 cliffhanger of the crew trying to rescue Sara, who was abducted by aliens.

The season will have the team defend Earth from aliens, with Lisseth Chavez joining as a mysterious new member.

Given Purcell’s exit isn’t until after season seven, that’s plenty of time for the writers to come up with a proper send-off to Mick and his journey.

Legends of Tomorrow is expected to return with new episodes on the CW this spring.

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