League of Legends Arcane coming to Netflix, trailer released

League of Legends Arcane coming to Netflix, trailer released
League of Legends Arcane coming to Netflix. Pic credit: Netflix

League of Legends Arcane will arrive on Netflix this summer, and a trailer hit on Monday to show what fans can expect.

The trailer was only a few seconds in length, but it really gives a strong hint on what the Netflix animated series will be about.

League of Legends Arcane on Netflix

Two familiar League of Legends characters are fighting in the trailer’s opening, with Vi and Jinx at battle, and then a third mysterious figure shows up, skating on the walls.

Another shows up with lightning powers and a staff.

The original thought was that League of Legends Arcane would present the origin of Vi and Jinx, but it appears that there will be more to it than that.

These new characters could show why Vin and Jinx became enemies.

On top of the origin story, League of Legends Arcane is likely going to show a lot of the backstory of the twin cities, Piltover and Zaun. The green-light-soaked city at the end of the teaser trailer is almost certainly Zaun.

For those unfamiliar with League of Legends, Piltover and Zaun are part of one major city, with Piltover built as the upper city over Zaun, the two representing the class divide in the story.

If the sight of the green-light soaked city is a hint that Piltover and Zaun is coming, this could mean something else. Characters like Viktor, Warwick, and Caitlyn could all arrive in the Netflix series if this is the case.

Arcane on Netflix is only the start

It is clear Riot wants to push League of Legends into more than just the gaming world.

On top of League of Legends Arcane on Netflix, Riot has also presented a mobile spinoff game, a digital card game, an ancient board game, and comic books.

Netflix announced the League of Legends Arcane series in 2019 on the 15th anniversary of the game. Riot produced it in-house, originally set to hit in 2020, but Netflix pushed it back because of the pandemic shutting down production.

Here is the synopsis given at the time:

“Set in utopian Piltover and the oppressed underground of Zaun, the story follows the origins of two iconic League champions — and the power that will tear them apart.”

Not only is League of Legends Arcane coming to Netflix, but its chief rival, Dota 2, also has a show on Netflix, putting the two side-by-side on the same streaming service. Other games to become series on Netflix are The Witcher, Castlevania, and a Tomb Raider anime coming soon.

League of Legends Arcane will hit Netflix in Fall 2021.

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