Law & Order Thursdays preview: the new seasons begin their true start

Mehcad Brooks
Mehcad Brooks as Detective Jalen Shaw on Law & Order. Pic credit: NBC

Law & Order Thursdays are ready to heat up the action in their new seasons.

Coming off the epic crossover of the three shows, the Law & Order series is now moving into new plotlines with developments that can play into the seasons.

The mothership Law & Order has Price tangling with a murder case that leads to a court battle dealing with a historic Supreme Court decision.

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit has the team handling a dicey case with another cop unit. 

Finally, Law & Order: Organized Crime introduces two new detectives while setting up the first big plotline of the new season. 

There will also be some personal developments for each squad dealing with the fallout of the crossover that could shake up the seasons. 

This makes these new episodes almost a “second season premiere” to get fans into Law & Order Thursdays.

How did the Law & Order crossover do in the ratings?

The long-awaited Law & Order crossover event turned out to be just as epic as fans hoped it would be.

What started as a simple murder turned into an attempt to stop a bombing in New York and tied to a Russian soldier wanting to make a big splash for his bosses. 

The storyline had Cosgrove (Jeffrey Donovan) meeting Detective Jalen Shawn (Mehcad Brooks), and the pair worked together well on the case. 

A major moment came with Rollins (Kelli Giddish) shot while protecting a witness. While she was shown okay in the hospital, this might be the excuse for Giddish’s upcoming departure from Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. 

The crossover did well, winning the night in the ratings thanks to being one continuous storyline. The initial episode of Law & Order: Organized Crime had 4.7 million viewers, while part 2 of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit had 5.5 million. The concluding episode of Law & Order drew 5 million viewers. 

With the crossover done, the following episodes will take place a few months later with some big developments for each series.

What’s coming on Law & Order Thursdays this week?

The night begins with Law & Order as Battle Lines has Shaw becoming Cosgrove’s new partner. They then investigate the death of a politician’s daughter, which turns into a highly controversial case. 

“A politician’s daughter is found dead after an apparent mugging; once Cosgrove and Shaw start to unravel the details behind her trip, they realize this isn’t a random act of violence; Price makes a risky move; Maroun works to salvage their case.”

The promo shows the murder is connected to the Supreme Court overturning Roe v Wade, which ended federal protection for abortion rights. The shot of protesters outside a courtroom indicates Price is in for a major media event trying to win this trial. 

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit will have the team dealing with Rollins’ absence as The One You Feed puts them in a tricky case of a gang unit where one cop may have turned vigilante. 

“A group of teens terrorizing tourists has the SVU squad working overtime; McGrath teams them up with the Bronx gang unit to track down a crucial lead.”

The episode introduces Detective Grace Muncy (Molly Burnett), who may become a new member of the SVU team. 

The night concludes with Law & Order: Organized Crime as Everybody Knows The Dice Are Loaded introduces Rick Gonzalez and Brent Antonello as two new detectives who get right into a complex case. 

“As ground breaks on the city’s first casino, Stabler investigates the death of a friend whose refusal to sell his home on the site has stalled construction. Jet breaks in two new detectives. Bell splits her focus between work and her looming divorce.”

While the main focus will be on the Task Force investigating the owners of a casino, Bell has to deal with her wife wanting a divorce, which can distract her from this important case. 

With the crossover finished and a new season of thrills ahead of them, Law & Order Thursdays are ready to amp up the action for their new year.

Law & Order Thursdays begin with Law & Order Season 22 at 8/7 on NBC.

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