Lady Trieu on Watchmen: Who is Hong Chau’s mysterious character?

Lady Trieu on Watchmen: Who is Hong Chau's mysterious character?
Hong Chau as Lady Trieu on Watchmen. Pic credit: HBO

Watchmen on HBO introduced a new character in its fourth episode, titled If You Don’t Like My Story, Write Your Own. The character was Lady Trieu, portrayed by Hong Chau.

Here is everything you need to know about Lady Trieu on Watchmen.

Lady Trieu on Watchmen

Lady Trieu has been mentioned in previous episodes of Watchmen. She is a trillionaire who purchased Adrian Veidt’s company. She is also the individual building a giant Millennium Clock in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

However, Lady Trieu showed up for the first time in this week’s episode.

She opened the episode, showing up at the home of a family who sells fresh vegetables to make a living.

She made them an offer. She offered to buy their home and all the land it rests on. In exchange, she had a baby made for them out of their own DNA based on a previous unsuccessful attempt at getting pregnant at a clinic years before.

The couple finally agreed to it when they saw the baby and then something crashed into the land that they owned. Lady Trieu then said it belonged to her.

Later in the episode, Lady Trieu met with Laurie Blake and Angela about the fact she is the only person who has flying vehicles that could have lifted Angela’s car into the sky and fly off with it.

She is also hiding Will Reeves, Angela’s grandfather, who possibly killed the Chief of Police and she might have something to do with the disappearance of Adrian Veidt, four years earlier.

Who is Hong Chau?

Hong Chau portrays Lady Trieu, which is a nice casting coupe. Much like the character of Lady Trieu, Hong Chau is also a Vietnamese actress.

Her parents fled Vietnam in 1990 while pregnant with her and she was born in a refugee camp in Thailand.

Chau broke out thanks to her role on the HBO series Treme. Movie fans also saw her in the P.T. Anderson movie Inherent Vice and the Matt Damon movie Downsizing.

Watchmen airs on HBO on Sundays at 9/8c.

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