King Bach appears on The Walking Dead and fans are here for it

King Bach TWD
King Bach on The Walking Dead Season 10, Episode 13. Pic credit: AMC

King Bach appeared on The Walking Dead this Sunday night in a guest-starring role.

It was a bit of a surprise to many AMC viewers, especially due to the magnitude of the scene that he appeared in.

When Season 10, Episode 13, was coming to a close, the character of Michonne was faced with a decision about helping to save two more people on the show.

That decision involved a character played by King Bach, who needed help walking after getting injured. Of course, Michonne helped him, giving her one final save as the character heads off into the sunset.

This was a big moment for Michonne, especially since the actress playing her (Danai Gurira) has now left the show. But, it also made sure that fans were talking about that scene even more.

Who is King Bach on The Walking Dead?

Andrew B. Bachelor is better known by his nickname of King Bach, and he is an actor, comedian, and pretty famous online personality.

Known for his humor more than his serious acting chops, it was very surprising to see him on a show that is post-apocalypse and where there isn’t a lot of humor (unless Negan is on screen).

There were a lot of The Walking Dead fans weighing in on social media as King Bach appeared:

King Bach shares his scene on The Walking Dead

He also took the time to share his scene on social media, confirming to some fans who weren’t sure it was him that, yes, he did just guest star on The Walking Dead.

Part of that scene can be watched below:

That led to even more people posting about seeing him appear on Season 10, Episode 13 of the show.

Will we see King Bach on The Walking Dead again?

There has been no word about any future appearances of King Bach on the show. This may be a stand-alone guest appearance, and that would make sense due to the way it is ending Michonne’s time on TWD.

Maybe, if Michonne does make her way to the Rick Grimes movies, the opportunity will be there for King Bach to appear again. But don’t count on it.

Now, the show heads back to the Whisperers War, where the character of Beta is going to find out that Alpha has been murdered.

And that’s one character that doesn’t deal well with bad news.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9/8c on AMC.

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