Kelly Ripa’s daughter participates in ‘Christmas cookie miracle’

Lola Consuelos on Live!
Lola Consuelos joined her parents for a cookie-making segment. Pic credit: ABC

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelols had a little family reunion during a recent episode of Live! With Kelly and Mark.

In a rare appearance, their daughter, Lola Consuelos, joined her parents on set for a Christmas cookie segment.

Michael Consuelos joined his sister and parents, too. However, Joaquin could not make it as he was still at school in Michigan.

Typically, Kelly Ripa’s daughter shies away from being on the show. She also clarified that she doesn’t love it when her parents talk about her on-air.

However, it seems a Christmas cookie segment was something she was willing to do, mainly because it seems she is home from London for the holidays.

And in true Lola Consuelos fashion, she looked terrific standing alongside her brother and parents.

During a recent episode of Live! With Kelly and Mark, Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos were joined by Lola Consuelos and Michael Consuelos.

The family hosted the segment, which was riddled with fun between Kelly talking in a British accent and Michael revealing what he’s been up to lately.

However, Kelly Ripa’s daughter stole the show as she was teased about whether she knew where the oven was and missed a step in listing the cookie ingredients. Luckily, though, Kelly was there to keep things on track.

Following the show, Kelly took to Instagram to share a few snaps they took while filming the cookie segment for Live! With Kelly and Mark.

Kelly captioned the share, “A Christmas cookie miracle brought to you by Michael and Lola. And before you ask…Joaquin is in Michigan.”

Kelly Ripa’s daughter will be back on Live! later this week

The Live! With Kelly and Mark holiday show will air on Friday, December 22.

During the cookie segment, Kelly Ripa revealed that Lola and Michael Consuelos would return to join their parents for the holiday show.

With the holidays approaching, Kelly and Mark are incorporating their family into the shows, which is a fun idea. Mark Consuelos recently joined Kelly Ripa as her co-host, and now the show is a family affair.

Kelly Ripa’s daughter being available to be on the show is a massive step for Lola, as she has enjoyed living outside her mom’s job.

However, Lola took the opportunity to shout out her music and ask people to stream her songs, which was pretty clever.

Live! With Kelly and Mark airs weekday mornings on ABC.

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