Kelly Ripa teases retirement on LIVE with Kelly and Mark

Kelly Ripa at an event
Kelly Ripa shared an emotional tribute to Art Moore and teased her own retirement. Pic credit: © StarMaxWorldwide

LIVE with Kelly and Mark has been emotional this week. Mark Consuelos returned from Italy excited about his team’s win and the promotion to a division.

Kelly Ripa and Mark are also celebrating their wedding anniversary this week on LIVE, so everyone is happy and excited.

During this celebration, Kelly shared something unsettling for fans to hear as she gave a tribute to long-time employee Art Moore.

Art, the executive in charge of production, has announced he is retiring sometime later this year, prompting Kelly to reveal her plans for the show.

In the past, Kelly has hinted at retirement from LIVE with Kelly and Mark, and if what she said recently comes true, it may be coming soon.

Kelly shared a meaningful tribute for Art Moore, using the words “devoted,” “loyal,” and “extraordinary” before saying that he can’t leave without her too.

Kelly said she had ‘breaking news’ for the internet today

During the host chat, when Kelly revealed that Art would announce “the time has come” for him to leave the company after an astonishing 53 years, she could not hold back her tears.

Starting her speech, Kelly said, “I want to pay a tribute today…biggest part of the family at LIVE and at ABC for over 53 years, he’s announcing that ‘the time has come’ coming up soon, and he’s retiring.”

Kelly made it clear that she would spend all her energies convincing him to stay, and she revealed that the end may be near for her, too. “Here’s what I know. You aren’t leaving this building without me. I can be retired with Art.” She then said, “Breaking news all over the internet today!”

Kelly and Art joked that they could see each other frequently since he was going to Arizona. It is no secret that Kelly and Mark are retiring in Palm Springs one day. They are also constantly trying to move the show to the West Coast from NYC.

The couple brings up Palm Springs any chance they get and even vacationed there over spring break.

Kelly and Mark are celebrating 28 years of marriage

Mark took the time to share some lovely photos of him and Kelly on their wedding anniversary, May 1.

Fans of the couple may remember that Kelly and Mark returned to their wedding chapel in Las Vegas earlier this year. They were able to officiate at a wedding while there.

They are superstitious about renewing their vows and will not do that, but they loved the idea of officiating at a wedding where they got married. It was a big hit for everyone to see them there.

LIVE with Kelly and Mark airs weekdays on ABC.

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